[Sonic 1] Ashuro the badger BETA demo

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I continue the project?

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  1. Animemaster

    Animemaster Lets get to work! Member

    Mar 20, 2009
    So I pretty much echo what people have been saying. However there are things that have not been said from what I've read. Some of your sprites are not aligned correctly, look at when your Fan character is standing and then starts walking. Why is it that when I hold the direction I'm going when holding the peelout, it feels like the boost get's reduced where as when I hold no direction he goes at full boost. I would have said it was the speedcap, but it looks like you have removed it so I dunno what that's all about. The title screen and Frozen island BGs seem very empty. In the first act, I couldn't tell what I was standing on. It just didn't look like flooring but more like a wall and he shouldn't be walking on it, same as act 3. Any reason why there is a random spring on a rock at the end of act 2?. The rolling sound is the spindash sound, I would revert back to the normal sound. You should probably add more chunks at the end of Deep cyrstal act 1 since you can climb over it at the end of act and kill yourself. This is all I played right now, If there is anything else I need to add then I will.

    Edit: So I played the rest of the hack. I noticed that when I got a speed shoes in Deep crystal and then went under water I kept my speed until I died. There was a bug where the count down number 4 appeared and it kept reappearing even though I wasn't drowning. Pyramid trap....I mean Marble being made as a desert theme with Sandopolis's BG is nothing new so, but I expected much from the name. I did not enjoy the wall jumping sections, some parts feel like they are forced on to you. If you are going to keep it, please make the section optional and not mandatory. Like people have said, this has potential. I all "meh" about the fan character deal. It's whatever, as long as the character is implemented well enough.
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  2. redhotsonic

    redhotsonic Also known as RHS Member

    Aug 10, 2007
    Bumping by a day over the month limit, shoot me. Anyway, I gave this game a go. And it's not too bad to be honest. My complaints (and praises) are all in this video:

  3. Ashuro

    Ashuro Anti-Cosmic Metal Of Death Member

    Sep 27, 2014
    My reaction: OH MAH GAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!! :eek::eek::eek::)

    EDIT: I will correct Frozen Island and the boring gameplay and level design :)
    Thank you so much RHS, too bad that you cannot try more, i think Pyramid Trap is my best zone.
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