(Sonic 1) How to extend the time on the Title Screen longer.

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    Hello everybody! This is my first tutorial, so sorry for any mistakes during this.
    This tutorial is very easy, and doesn't require a lot of brain power. This tutorial will let you extend the title screen longer.

    For Hivebrain or ASM68K assemblies:

    Go to Title_LoadText. Find this string of code:
    move.w    #$178,($FFFFF614).w ; run title screen for $178 frames
    It could also be this.
    move.w    #$178,(Demo_Time_left).w ; run title screen for $178 frames
    You can change the "$178" part to any value you want. For starters, we will just change it to "$778"

    If you've saved the asm file and builded the rom, you should notice that it is extended, congratulations! You've done it! If you want it to loop forever, delete these strings of code:
    In loc_371C:
            move.b    #0,(Game_Mode).w ; go to Sega screen
    In loc_3230:
            tst.w    (Demo_Time_left).w
            beq.w    Demo
    Save, build and test it out! If you use an emulator with this feature, use the fast forward to speed up the game. If the title screen is still on, then you've done it!

    Thank you for reading this guide! I hope this helps you with ROM hacking!
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    In Sonic 2, it is the same. (For GitHub disassembly).

    Search for TitleScreen_Loop: and scroll above it, until you see this line --> move.w #$***,(Demo_Time_left).w ("*" is whatever the time you want).
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