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Discussion in 'Showroom' started by Inferno, Aug 9, 2017.

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  1. Inferno

    Inferno Rom Hacker Member

    Oct 27, 2015
    Sky Base Zone, South Island
    Hello! With a zone done, I have decided to release the first public release to the.. well, public!
    I have decided to put a media showing me playing through the current edits to the hack!

    Edits done:
    Changed Green Hill to Green Greens.
    Changed Labyrinth to Undersea Abyss
    Added the Spindash.
    Changed the layout of Green Greens.
    Changed the layout of Special Stage 1.
    Added Rev01 background effects.
    Changed palletes of Green Greens, Undersea Abyss, and of Sonic.
    Changed the level order to GGZ, UAZ, SLZ, MZ, SYZ, SBZ. (A set-up for later versions.)
    Added some custom music.
    Credits: MainMemory for making SonLVL, Hivebrain for making the Hivebrain Sonic 1 Dissamebelmy, and Gamma V for releasing some custom music.

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  2. ⸸ devon ⸸

    ⸸ devon ⸸ There's nothing left but faith Member

    Aug 26, 2013
    I had a go at this hack. My overall thoughts were "eh".

    The layout edits were typically linear and pretty boring. Some chunks were repeated quite a bit and some don't fit together with other chunks and some just cut off, making it look incomplete. One S-tube for some reason wouldn't let me go in normally and when I rolled into it, I was taken out of ball mode. Also, it may be just me, but I generally dislike when several loops are put next to each other. It just gets dull after a bit.

    Flow gets broken quite a bit in the level design. In sections where you are expected to go fast, there are times where it just gets interrupted with a wall or solid object.

    The spindash is clearly incomplete here as well, like you haven't even finished part 1 of the tutorial. Sonic still appears as a ball and the rolling SFX is used for charging.

    The first special stage was very short and easy. I found breaking the diamonds just to get through the stage annoying and pace breaking.

    The custom music wasn't anything spectacular, but you did state it wasn't yours. I've seen the completely green GHZ quite a bit in the past, and honestly, I am sick of seeing it. Undersea Abyss is just a blue and grey Labyrinth Zone. It looks okay, but the underwater Sonic palette still hasn't been changed.

    Overall, in my opinion, this hack wasn't anything special. It's just another typical Sonic 1 palette swap with some level edits. All I can say really is keep trying to improve.
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