[Sonic 1] Non-Rotating Special Stages

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    Sep 24, 2020
    This is my first tutorial, so I apologize if there any mistakes.
    This is, however, very simple, and requires an extremely low amount of work.

    Basically, as said in the title, this tutorial is going to make your special stages not rotate.

    In the special stage object's code, there's a line that sets the rotation speed for the stage.
    If we remove that line, the stage won't rotate.

    See these lines? Remove them.

            move.w    #$40,($FFFFF782).w ; set stage rotation    speed
            move.w    #$40,(v_ssrotate).w ; set stage rotation speed
    There you go. Non-rotating special stages, in 1 step.

    [edit: I explained it much better in the mini tutorials thread, please refer to that one.]
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