Sonic 1 - South Island Madness (Alpha Build)

Discussion in 'Showroom Archive' started by Giovanni, May 7, 2016.

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  1. Giovanni

    Giovanni It's Joe-vanni, not Geo-vanni. Member

    Apr 16, 2015
    WARNING: This hack is an alpha build, levels and features may not be the same in the final release.
    The actual name is just a placeholder. Name may be different.

    Today I am introducing a new hack of mine.
    This hack is called "Sonic 1 - South Island Madness".
    As implied from the name, it features harder levels. But that's not the only feature in the hack.
    This hack features a lot of interesting things, such as:
    • Spindash
    • Time limit on special stages (45 seconds)
    • HUD on special stages (without this, you would not know about the time limit on special stages.)
    • Wall jump
    • Magnetic rings shield (Has no abilities other than attracting rings.)*
    • And obviously, new levels.
    The actually "ready" content is:
    • Green Hill Zone**
    • Green Hill Zone boss**
    • First and second Special Stages
    Here is a bunch of screenshots.
    Test1.PNG Test2.PNG Test3.PNG Test4.PNG Test5.PNG

    Now you finally reached the end of this thread. As prize, you will be granted the download link.
    It's here. Just click it

    EDIT: This hack was made on ReadySonic disassembly.

    *May not appear in final release
    **May be different in final release
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  2. NiphFM

    NiphFM Host of the Mega Drive Music Contest Member

    Jun 5, 2015
    Music Plant Zone
    Because this hack is in alpha build, I'll go easy.
    It seems that most of the "challenge" in the hack revolves around bottomless pits, which I absolutely hate as it just makes levels cheap. I like how you used the wall jump to your advantage and not just leave it as just another unneeded extra move like the homing attack in Sonic 4. There was also a blind jump after the checkpoint (?) with the speed shoes in front in act 1. Remove that, as the parts beforehand suggest that this is a bottomless pit. A great example of a good "Harder Levels" hack is "Sonic 1 - Harder Levels" by Eduardo Knuckles. His level layouts weren't focused on bottomless pit after bottomless pit. He involved challenge and ASM edits to ramp the difficulty, not cheap death pits (although there were some in v7 [the latest release I'm assuming]).
    So to sum up, remove the death pits and the blind jumps, and try and incorporate actual challenge in your levels.
  3. Selbi

    Selbi The Euphonic Mess Member

    Jul 20, 2008
    Northern Germany
    This hack was so obviously done with ReadySonic, it hurts. Next time credit what you use. It's also not really creative to name it "Harder Sonic 1" when Eduardo Knuckles already made a hack called "Sonic 1 - Harder Levels".

    Otherwise I can only agree with the person above me. Most of your "difficulty" revolves around avoiding bottomless pits, which isn't really a challenge, it's just trial and error, thus cheap.
  4. Giovanni

    Giovanni It's Joe-vanni, not Geo-vanni. Member

    Apr 16, 2015
    Right, I forgot it and updated the main thread.
    As said before, the title is just a placeholder, and is DEFINITELY going to be different.

    EDIT: Due to the bad reviews of the alpha build, I'll make something I normally shouldn't make.
    I'll post a new version of the hack.
    Why you ask?
    Because I've got many bad reviews in my past months of hacking.
    And thinking to this got me really mad.
    So, I decided to put all of my madness into this new version.
    And, talking about madness, I also found a new name for my hack:


    Here are the changes I made in these few hours:
    • Improved levels (No more cheap bottomless pits)
    • Improved badniks
    • A new 2nd Special Stage
    Well, if you find bugs in this new version, just tell me.
    For now, enjoy THIS.
    I apologize if you had to get through """Harder""" Sonic 1.
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  5. TheFieldWarrior

    TheFieldWarrior Green Villager is a treasure Member

    Oct 9, 2015
    United Kingdom
    Well it's time for another hack review, people might hate me for this so here it goes (I played the newest version):

    I like the fact that the level design takes advantage of Sonic's moveset (Spin Dash and Wall Jump), there were some clever areas where the player is required to spin dash jump off of an incline and then wall jump to moving platforms, with that said there is way to much of this level design and it really breaks the flow.

    Might as well call this Wall Jump Zone, I don't have a problem being required to use Sonic's moves to get around the place but not when that is 90% of the zone, maybe if this was used for 1 or 2 required areas and then a few optional areas where you can retrieve 1-ups and such. Not to mention the wall jump mechanic is kind of awkward, this isn't your fault since you used ReadySonic as a base, maybe I am just used to Sonic 2 Retro Remix's wall jump mechanic. Also I hate the sped up enemies, please restore their original speed or at least slow them down a little.

    When I got to the boss arena and I saw that there were bottomless pits I groaned, I really don't get why so many hackers think adding bottomless pits to a boss is a good idea, it never was a good idea and it never will be, the only time bottomless pits are okay is when the boss is actively creating one (by destroying the ground for example) and even then there should still be a safe haven for the player to stand. Not only is the bottomless pit bad but Eggman is rocking a super powered Egg-O-Matic, there is luckily a pattern but you won't know that until you begin save stating (which I did).

    Speaking of save stating shenanigans the Special Stages are the kings of this, that first special stage, why did you switch around the objects and decide it was a good idea to add more goal blocks? I spent nearly 5 minutes trying to get that Chaos Emerald, special stage 2 is also a pain, not only did you add unneeded goal blocks but you moved the Chaos Emerald from it's original spot. Why? Since the layout is similar to the original game's special stage layout I thought the emerald was in it's original spot, when I did find out where it was I find out there was a time limit, it's a unique feature to S1 Special stages but why though? especially since the area where the emerald is has so many diamond blocks and 9 times out of 10 you will end up falling back unless you perform a precise jump while the stage is rotating.

    Overall I didn't really enjoy this, there were so many design choices that shouldn't have been put into the hack even if this is still early in development, to break it down revamp the level design, maybe keep a few wall jump required areas but only 1 or 2, fix the special stages (either restore the original ones or remake them entirely), get rid of the bottomless pit in the boss fight and fix the speed of the enemies (and Eggman).

    I hope I don't come off as too harsh but I didn't want to sugar coat how I felt about the hack, I understand it's an early release but that doesn't excuse poor design choices, regardless I wish you good luck for future updates.
  6. EMK-20218

    EMK-20218 The Fuss Maker Exiled

    Aug 8, 2008
    Jardim Capelinha, São Paulo
    Actually I don't have time and patience to write detailed feedbacks, but I liked the game when I saw the screenshots. This made me to give this hack a try. Result is shown in this video.
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  7. D.A. Garden

    D.A. Garden Sonic CD's Sound Test Member

    Aug 6, 2009
    I think Eduardo Knuckles' video sums up my experience with this hack quite well. The huge emphasis on wall jumping is quite off-putting as I thought it would be used as more of an extra skill to gain access to secrets or alternate paths, not a forced move just to progress. The changed enemy behaviour is annoying, to put it lightly. As evidenced in the previously mentioned video, you have very little time to react to badniks and you can even get sort of stuck due to the placement of lamp posts.. There's also a lack of Object 44, which allowed Eduardo Knuckles to die in the first place. I think you need to refine the layout a little, if I'm being honest.
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  8. ArcaniaCQ

    ArcaniaCQ They/Them Member

    Jul 18, 2015
    I am quite mad. This hack have the worst special stages that I have played in a while. Even surpassing Donnie The Hedgehog bad. What I can suggest however is to make completely original or to use less goal blocks. They are so annoying. Look at how stock Sonic 1 does the special stages and learn from how they make it harder. I am quite pissed off after playing this. And hope you understand that the special stages are way too cheap.
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