Sonic 1 - Special Stage Glitch Heaven

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    Sonic 1 - Special Stage Glitch Heaven

    Have you ever entered an OG special stage with debug mode enabled and gone out of bounds? If you have, you probably didn't see much before accidentally hitting a goal block or emerald mixed in with some garbage data.

    This mini hack introduces a few adjustments specifically designed to let you explore these forbidden areas completely on your own terms. There are also a few minor tweaks to make the exploration smoother and more enjoyable.

    - C: Jump
    - B: Debug Mode (you'll need this)
    - A + left/right: Rotate the stage manually
    - Pause + A: Go to the next Special Stage (it might be interesting to see if this affects the garbled data in any way)

    Happy exploring!

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    Jun 16, 2023
    Simple yet interesting hack, here's a few things i noticed while exploring:
    Going to the bottom-right of any stage you will find the compressed version of itself
    Going bottom-left brings you to what i suppose is the scroll vram?
    In debug mode you can find what i suppose are the particles released when breaking a block in MZ, maybe a animal object and a ring
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