Sonic 1 Tag Team Adventure

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    This hack is yet another rip off hack of Classic Heroes but with 4th players! This hack is a celebration hack for my 10 years of hacking Sonic games since 2010!

    6-button pad and SEGA Team Player support added

    The ability to play 4 players in the game at once (with their own A.I.)

    3 extra characters added with their own abilities and movesets (Tails, Knuckles, and Amy)

    The ability to swap between players by pressing the Y button

    The ability to change your character by pressing the X button

    New Menus added with SRAM Functionality

    Pause menu added

    Level Select: Up, Down, Left, Right, A

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Setting Up 6-button support
    Options > Set Config.. > Controllers (folder tab) > go to "Port 1"'s first drop menu on the far left and change "3 Btn Pad" to "6 Btn Pad"

    System > redefine keys... > same as Fusion, go to "Port 1"'s first drop menu on the far left and change "3 Button Pad" to "6 Button Pad"

    Settings > System > On "IO Port 1 Device" change "3-button gamepad" to "6-button gamepad"

    Tools/Assets Used & Credits
    6-button pad and SEGA Team Player support guide by Aurora Fields

    Sonic 1 2005 Hivebrain disassembly by Hivebrain

    SonMapED by Xenowhirl

    Tails Sonic 1 Sprite Sheet Rips by Parky33

    Sonic Advance 3 Sonic Factory Sprite Sheet Rips by Geo Prower

    Sonic CD Sonic Sprites Rips by Victor T (Zenor)

    Amy Rose custom Sonic 1 and 2 Sprites by Psi

    Sonic 1 animation and mapping extension guide by Markey Jester

    (xm3smps by Nineko)

    Sonic 1 Free up Ram guide by Advanced?

    Sonic Advance 2 Sprite Sheet rips by Eternal Light


    EDIT: I forgot to add instructions to setting up the 6-button support for the emulators xP
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    Well, color me impressed! I did not think this hack would ever exist, but it does! However, while I did not play much of it, I already have to give it a pass.
    When you play with 4 different characters at once (or at least, with 3 AIs), the game REEEALLY starts to lag. So much that it's not funny anymore. I can not imagine how LZ underwater looks like.
    Also, I decided to actually connect 4 "controllers" to test out multiplayer functionality, only to find out that Player 3 also controls Player 2. (And I triple checked this was not a mistake on my end.)
    Furthermore, if Tails grabs another Tails while flying, things get very glitchy.
    I was planning on Netplaying this with a few friends of mine, but since I found so many issues so quickly, I simply can not recommend this hack.
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