Sonic 1 Tag Team Adventure

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    This hack is yet another rip off hack of Classic Heroes but with 4th players! This hack is a celebration hack for my 10 years of hacking Sonic games since 2010!

    6-button pad and SEGA Team Player support added

    The ability to play 4 players in the game at once (with their own A.I.)

    3 extra characters added with their own abilities and movesets (Tails, Knuckles, and Amy)

    The ability to swap between players by pressing the Y button

    The ability to change your character by pressing the X button

    New Menus added with SRAM Functionality

    Pause menu added

    Level Select: Up, Down, Left, Right, A

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Setting Up 6-button support
    Options > Set Config.. > Controllers (folder tab) > go to "Port 1"'s first drop menu on the far left and change "3 Btn Pad" to "6 Btn Pad"

    System > redefine keys... > same as Fusion, go to "Port 1"'s first drop menu on the far left and change "3 Button Pad" to "6 Button Pad"

    Settings > System > On "IO Port 1 Device" change "3-button gamepad" to "6-button gamepad"

    Tools/Assets Used & Credits
    6-button pad and SEGA Team Player support guide by Aurora Fields

    Sonic 1 2005 Hivebrain disassembly by Hivebrain

    SonMapED by Xenowhirl

    Tails Sonic 1 Sprite Sheet Rips by Parky33

    Sonic Advance 3 Sonic Factory Sprite Sheet Rips by Geo Prower

    Sonic CD Sonic Sprites Rips by Victor T (Zenor)

    Amy Rose custom Sonic 1 and 2 Sprites by Psi

    Sonic 1 animation and mapping extension guide by Markey Jester

    (xm3smps by Nineko)

    Sonic 1 Free up Ram guide by Advanced?

    Sonic Advance 2 Sprite Sheet rips by Eternal Light


    EDIT: I forgot to add instructions to setting up the 6-button support for the emulators xP
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    Well, color me impressed! I did not think this hack would ever exist, but it does! However, while I did not play much of it, I already have to give it a pass.
    When you play with 4 different characters at once (or at least, with 3 AIs), the game REEEALLY starts to lag. So much that it's not funny anymore. I can not imagine how LZ underwater looks like.
    Also, I decided to actually connect 4 "controllers" to test out multiplayer functionality, only to find out that Player 3 also controls Player 2. (And I triple checked this was not a mistake on my end.)
    Furthermore, if Tails grabs another Tails while flying, things get very glitchy.
    I was planning on Netplaying this with a few friends of mine, but since I found so many issues so quickly, I simply can not recommend this hack.
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    This thread is months old and no reply was made here and I decided to bump the thread, so...

    Yeah, this hack was great and I watched Razor and Zenon's gameplay video of it, but when I downloaded this hack and decide to have fun too yesterday night (24/07/2021), I have found two major bugs:


    No matter how you play as someone other than Sonic, it's always been SONIC has somehow always took the credit of passing every act, every zone. It seems that you forgot this thing.

    The obese Sonic image is originally from my YouTube gameplay video (see below) and "SONIC'S NIGHTMARE!" image made by ScoobyCool at DeviantArt.
    But I felt this might make Sonic a lazy, lousy, obese and credit-stealing cheater

    And when you have faster beat Spring Yard Zone Act 2 and collecting 50 rings and more, and you haven't entered the Special Stage ring at the end of the act and a CPU have entered it, resulting in ILLEGAL INSTRUCTION ERROR crash.

    ... and well, peoples such of Razor & Zenon has already recorded their gameplay of your hack and put it on YouTube, I decide to do so, and I enjoyed editing the video (with a special video editing app at my phone), so here's the result:

    Next time you'll shouldn't forget the mistake and the crash as mentioned above.
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