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    Mar 3, 2008
    More Details & downloads
    • A notable portion of CCZ2 is hard/impossible to access during regular play: CCZ2 has two starting positions, but exiting CCZ1 you always start at the lower one. For now, please use the level select to access the other starting position and access the rest of CCZ2.
    • We have a fix ready, but will wait in case there are more bug/issue reports during the upcoming weeks. We plan to fix major issues that are reported, but no new features will be implemented (unless someone else wants to take on major endeavors such as a title screen or special stage :p).
    • Please report any bugs/issues you find in this thread, or just post feedback and discuss. :) Some feedback on whether everything works on real hardware would be helpful.
    We hope you enjoy the hack.

    Rika_chou: Concepts, level art, layouts, badnik art
    Qiuu: Object, badnik, boss concepts & programming, engine modifications, level layout for NSIZ2 and end of DDZ2
    ICEknight: badniks concepts & art, DDZ boss concept & art, misc art and ideas
    MoDule: snowboard programming, ring and object manager, bug fixes
    D.A. Garden: level layout for CCZ2
    Thorn: layouts for end of CCZ2 and end of DDZ1
    Resel: Blue Mountain Zone concept and level art
    Phoebius: Cosmic City Zone concept and level art
    Matwek: Jungle Zone foreground and object art
    Tweaker: Music Ports
    e-122-psi: Amy character art & programming
    SMTP: Knuckles object, S3K shields, Tails flying code (also thanks to drx for the flying code.)
    Esrael: Knuckles object, S1 sound driver
    Puto: Knuckles object, S3K shields
    Clownacy: Updated sound driver, ported sfx, sound related bug fixes
    Kilometers Prower: Original zone concept for RRZ (and Garnet Garden)
    Stealth: "curve grip" object
    redhotsonic: various bug fixes.
    Malevolence: object label organization
    BadCopNoDonut: Special Thanks (worked on previous release)
    Blue Emerald: Jungle Zone snake badnik art
    Cinossu: Snail badnik art
    Polygon Jim (RIP): Ideas for objects/level layout
    jman2050: ideas
    sik: Ideas and feedback
    nineko: Ideas and feedback
    MarkeyJester: Ideas and feedback
    flamewing: Ideas and feedback
    Jayextee: early discussions
    ScrewStache: composed music tracks, but lost contact and never got it into the game
    FireRat: some plans that didn't happen in the end
    SSRG Staff: providing a private subforum

    On title, press: Left, Right, A, B, C, B, A. (Select character with C button.)
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    Aug 11, 2007
    (I have to keep this short as it's 5 6 AM and I should be in bed.)

    After 11 years, Sonic 2: Advanced Edit is back! Featuring 7 all-original Zones with new art, badniks, objects, and bosses! While many people have contributed to make this hack , this absolutely would never have happened if not for both Qiuu and ICEknight - I want to make sure they both get the credit they deserve. If we forgot to credit anyone, please let us know! (it's been a long time and hard to remember!)

    We really hope everyone has fun with this! :)

    From the contest entry:


    Neo south Island Zone!

    Neo south Island Zone! - Zone art by Phoebius!


    Bamboo Jungle Zone! - Zone foreground art by Matwek


    Blue Mountain Zone! - Zone art by Resel! (originally made for project Sonic Retro)


    Robotic Ruin Zone! - Original Zone concept by Kilometers Prower


    Dusty Desert Zone!


    Eggquarium Zone!

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    Aug 10, 2007
    I'm beyond thrilled to see a new release of this! I'm touched y'all kept my music ports. :) It's been such a long time!

    Really impressed with the level of polish here! I was just playing the last release a couple weeks ago and the persistent vibe I'm getting from this build is how it feels less like a hack and more like a new game. The new title cards, the new bosses and original badniks together with all of the references to previous Sonic games, as in previous releases, simultaneously trigger feelings of nostalgia while weaving in the wonder of new, awesome content. The level design is super solid and I get the distinct feeling of memorable segments that you don't get in a lot of hacks--the minecart segments in Dusty Desert are a great example of that. The new level additions not present in previous releases are just as awe-inspiring as when I played the last release the first time. Bamboo Jungle looks amazing! The other new levels (Act 2 of Dusty Desert--serious Lava Reef/Hidden Palace vibes; great transition!) fit in really well and I feel innovate upon the tropes they're adapting. Eggquarium is a fantastic take on the "Eggman's base" trope! Makes me think of Egg Rocket mixed with a bit of Wing Fortress and Ocean Base.

    The technical achievements here are not to be understated, but I think S2AE fits in the comfortable spot of a perfectly balanced ROM hack--original and borrowed art and music, recontextualized in a package where no aspect of the game feels neglected due to a lack of expertise. It's not a purely technical, a purely aesthetic nor a purely level design-focused mod--it's got it all, and it does it all well! Truly a faithful continuation of a classic staple in the Sonic ROM hacking scene. You should all be proud! Even after all these years, the list of mods that go the full distance is still pretty short, but Advanced Edit is on that list and in my opinion, it's near the top.

    Finally, let me just say that in all my time in this scene, Rika, I've always considered your work and your presence in the Sonic community to be a source of inspiration; one of the big names I always saw contributing and bringing a fresh, level perspective to the table. It's weird to think that as time had gone on I may have played that role in some sense for you and for others here, but you'll always be one of the great OG sceners in my mind. To see that you're still active and still making great content like this is pretty heartwarming. Mad props. That goes for everyone else who worked on this too! Lots of classic names involved here. Y'all stay real.

    P.S. lemme know if you guys need any help. I'm a little out of practice but I bet I could help with some music stuff at least!
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    Aug 11, 2007
    Means a lot coming from you, after working on it for so long it can get hard to tell if something good or not. Your work hacking used to inspire me to try harder back in the day, good to see you still around. :)
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    Aug 5, 2007
    I knew this was going to be good thanks to having the privilege of seeing the WIP screenshots in the sub forum, but I had no idea just how good. Back when I first joined these forums around 2001 Rika, you were one of the only people around really pushing for a full art overhaul and it inspired me to step my game up as I was also very interested in the art side of hacking. This hack may have been a good 18 years or so in the making but seeing how much you've improved over the years has been a joy to watch, and the end result now is a testament to your ability. Together with the other talented people who contributed to this project, you've created what I truly feel to be the most complete and professional feeling Sonic 2 hack ever released and you should all be damn proud of yourselves.

    I sincerely hope you guys do considering pushing to give the game the final bits of polish if you can find the time, even if it takes even more years as I feel it will definitely be worth the wait. If there's anything I can contribute with, even if it's just ideas and suggestions as before, feel free to drop me a message. To leave this game without a proper title screen and some kind of special stage replacement in any form would feel as if it was doing the hack a disservice considering the amazing level of polish achieved with this release.

    All I can say is thanks for sharing this with us all and thanks for setting a high standard as usual to drive others. It's just the kind of inspiration this community needs.
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    Mar 24, 2008
    Everyone: so, Avengers: Endgame has an ensemble cast.

    Rika Chou: hold our beers.

    Seriously, that's a lot of people, even I'm in there and I did nothing, lol. I used to love this hack when I was a newbie, I'll make sure to try the new version asap.
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    Sep 9, 2013
    Where I didn't wanted to be.
    When I was playing this hack, like in 2010 or something, I always used to pretend it was a kind of "Sonic the Hedgehog 4" because it felt like a new game for me and really love how pretty the stages were.

    And now, it feels even more like a new game.

    But really, you guys did a amazing job. Congrats for all envolved on this project. My favorite stages on this game so far is Robotic Ruin, Dusty Desert and Eggquarium.

    I would totally approve to this hack getting some final polish someday as well, no matter how much time it would take; the waiting would be totally worth. Again, congrats y'all.
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    Sep 15, 2017
    This ROM hack ...
    How many memories, I remember playing this game often as a child (along with Sonic Megamix).
    After so many years this hack has improved a lot,It looks like a new official sonic game!
    During the game I have not noticed graphic bugs or problems of various kinds.
    The emulator I used to play this game is Fusion364.
    One thing that could be improved is the boss battles,Obviously some are very interesting and original for Ideas but some are easy and fast.
    In particular the boss of Dusty Desert,skip 31:25 and you will understand what I mean.

    To solve this problem you could:
    • Increase the hits to be dealt to the boss.
    • Make the boss invincible for a few seconds after hitting him.
    You are free to listen to this advice or not,but you are obliged to do this ....
    Continue Sonic 2: Advanced Edit
    This ROM hack deserves to be continued and completed!
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    Dec 7, 2019
    I agree, this hack should be continued!
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    Aug 26, 2016
    Being a newcomer, I see you used 5 post earlier, it's happened to me in the past, so be careful where you go to use your 5 remaining posts, you must say something more about the hack, not only a short sentences.
    You must be more specific for which is the reason which you want to they will continue the project, you must say something, the authors like to the people have critics and help they to improve more on his hack. Just a tip, don't waste your trialist posts with empty arguings and think where you will use your next posts.
    And guys, this is very beautiful, I love so much the new arts and level are very fascinating. I rememeber the 2008 version, unfinished Dusty Desert, now is very great, I finished the game and was incredible the adventure of this hack. And about the boss, I'd like you will increase the hits and improve more tactics, that would be amazing, music is amazing, thanks for put the Track 05 from Yuu Yuu Hakusho Gaiden, that is my favorite track of the game.
    I hope in a future your follow to working more deeply with this project, best Sonic 2 hack after Sonic 2 Retro Remix. Good luck in the future with this project.
    Good job for the team!!
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