Sonic 2 Chaos Adventure Release!

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    This hack aims to be a different take on Sonic the Hedgehog 2 with new power ups to be used for each zone.


    Sonic has all of the Chaos Emeralds, but is unable to transform to his super form. He finds a message from a mysterious person who is willing to help him out with his troubles.

    New features

    - New menus with a save feature, and with configurations for options (such as controller input)

    - "New" power ups added with improvements (Pogo Spring, Rocket Shoes, and Snowboard)

    - Levels added to 2P verses mode such as Green Hill, Chemical Plant, and Metropolis

    - New dialogue and text boxes added for story and tutorial for power ups

    - New Tutorial level added with Omochao to interact with by standing close to them and pressing the action ("act") button

    - Pause menu added to main game

    - "Pitch" mode added to 5 bosses (Emerald Hill's, Chemical Plant's, Aquatic Ruin's, Casino Night's, Hill Top's, Oil Ocean's)

    - 2 new bosses in Death Egg Zone

    - Some layouts have been changed though mainly for the usage for the power ups

    - New palettes for most zones (with the player's palettes adjusting to the mode of the level)

    - Lives system changed to be based off of rings

    Rule Changes

    - You will lose 10 rings or less each time you die or get hit.

    - If you have 1 ring or more while dying, you will respawn to the nearest checkpoint/starting point you last hit touched (even during boss fights).

    - Otherwise, if you died with 0 rings, the game is over.

    Level Select Code

    - UP, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, UP, A + START, at the title screen

    Screenshots and Media


    P.S. - This hack was only tested on Fusion and Regen, not sure if works any other emulator...

    Download (Android)


    - MainMemory for SonLvl

    - Clownacy for the Sonic 2 Clone Driver v2

    - Xenowhirl for the Sonic 2 2007 disassembly and SonMapED

    - Vladikcomper and redhotsonic for the Super Sonic Transform guide

    - Nat the Porcupine for the Extended Camera Guide

    - Qiuu for PlaneED

    - Doc Melonhead and Techokami for the S3K custom item box sprite sheet and the Chaotix sprite sheet rips

    - Flare for the Sonic Rush misc items sprite sheet

    - Geo Prower for the Sonic Advance 3 Factory sprite sheet

    - The Observer for the Metal Sonic sprite sheet rip

    - RUSL@2004 for the Infintine "DOOM" version sprite sheet

    P.S. - I've included spoiler tags due to the big walls of text that is here.
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