Sonic 2 Pink Edition

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    Dec 20, 2014
    I was certain I had already made a thread for this project, but anyway, here's the new revision that I hyped up shamelessly these past few weeks.


    As you may know, this hack has been modified to have Team Rose (Amy, Cream and Big) fully playable, along with a few extra bells and whistles such as more VS levels and options, difficulty modes and a few new hidden short cuts and levels.


    New update:

    ...look it's no secret anymore, it's friggin' Sand Shower.


    * New extra level hidden somewhere at the top of Aquatic Ruin Act 1.
    * Extra level also available in VS mode (replaces Mystic Cave currently, will edit the menu to have all six levels in a later revision).
    * Wood Zone given an overhaul to fix up some graphical and gameplay bugs.
    * New monitors; slow sneakers and the pogo spring, are now found throughout Easy and Hard mode.

    Special thanx to:

    * Cinossu, Hivebrain and Faceless Fox for helping program the new monitors.
    * DA Garden for bug testing and fixing the new level layouts.
    * Stealth, Dolphman, Zeta_Null and of course, Brenda Ross, for art reference for the new level.
    * Delta Wooloo, djohe, SophieDude, Gemini, Faceless Fox, Markeyjester, and many MANY others for numerous tweaks and bug fixes.

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    Sep 9, 2013
    Where I didn't wanted to be.
    Finally we got a good Sand Shower with good level design and assets.
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    Feb 5, 2012
    Wow its been a long time since I reviewed anything. So first Id like to say Sand Shower was defiantly one of the best version I have ever played it had new enemies (although there was no new code involved from what I could see) and the new Sand pump gimmick was an interesting idea. I didnt get to play through all of act 2 because I was playing as Big so I ran into Froggy (which was in the main path?) so that was kind of a shame. I dont think I played your Hidden Palace until now and I have no complaints with that and making the elevator faster was something I wish I saw other people do. Now that reviewing is done Id like to show screen shots of some of the bugs I encountered. (only in Big and Cream mode).[​IMG]
    [​IMG]One of Big's pushing sprites collides with some of Creams art. (A simple alignment should fix it)
    [​IMG]Now I dont know how but when I got hit a lot of times (Cream as well) on the results screen it counted Creams rings as infinite.. well not quiet it just started the first number as a glitch and then slowly counted down to 0. (it probably took 5 minutes of fast forwarding to get through it). Oh and you can see that Big and Creams ring score are overlapping each other.
    I used the butt bounce move but didnt know there were spikes down there (before the signpost) so after I got hurt I went through the wall and got stuck. (had to fast forward to a time over which was glitched out but I forgot to take a screen shot of that). Edit: Forgot to mention I was playing on hard mode.
    Now for this glitch a RAM address might be being called (or in my case for ROS being cleared) as an SST. That one tile glitched out after I hit the spring box and moved a couple camera frames. (similarly to ROS)
    Okay this one is more of an annoyance. I spent about a minute and a half trying to figure out how to get Big's fat ass up there.
    Alright well I had to stop here because the game crashed while I was spamming the cast attack and Chao attack. I for sure did that in other zones too not just Sky Chase, so not sure why it happened here.

    So yeah that's it, maybe I will test other characters if you are interested. Anyway happy bug fixing. Edit: Oh yeah this was on Regen
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