Sonic 2 Tailsplosion (Version 2 Beta)

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    So I planned on not making this thread yet until I felt it was finished, but since I did win a trophy in the contest and during the results stream I heard that someone on the Contest team was confused from my Death Egg Video that I posted, I have decided to release what I have so far. Obviously things aren't all finished, but I want to get feedback, and for people to comment on the hack in general. Once I feel it can have a proper release, I will make a thread at Sonic Retro for it. For now, SSRG can take a sneak peak what I have done!

    Things in this version:
    Tails joins in boss fights. All of them except for the final boss. Tails's main attack is a firey downthrust that locks in on Sonic's position! Later bosses start changing it up starting with Metropolis Zone.

    In Sky Chase Zone, the Turtle got a bit more experience in flying the Tornado so he won't be herky jerky. It was his first day after all, give him a break! During the Wing Fortress flyby pinch, Tails's explosions curl in more so Sonic can't just camp on the bottom. Also standalone rings are back, tell me which way you think is better please!

    In Metropolis Zone a bug happened where the nut and bolt platform code was overwritten by sky chase zone code, which I only noticed after updates were over. This is fixed in this release.

    I am working on multiple Tails Explosion behaviors. You can now select from the original behavior (Blocker) and a new one called Scrapper. In that one Tails doesn't stay put once he lands, spreading explosions whenever he dabs the ground!

    Special Stage is still Special stage, sorry. Don't worry, adding Tailsplosions there is on my future list of things to do.

    Also I think I blocked off the escape tunnel in Death Egg while preparing on working on the final boss, making it unbeatable, oh well. I will change that back soon. Another bug is where Sonic dying while Scrapper is selected makes Tails slowly rocket upwards constantly dying. Funny sure but not something I am going to leave in the future. Other than those, mention any bugs I haven't found yet please.

    This isn't exactly an "official release," think of it like a minecraft snapshot or something. Level Select is still unlocked, to access it hold A+Start at the title screen! Go ahead and jump around!
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