Sonic 3 & Knuckles: Epilogue (SHC 2021 Demo)

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    Dec 1, 2013
    • New version of the hack

    At first I intended to post a quick update to fix some things I noticed after the release, but i thought it wouldn't exactly be fair to post the exact same thing after so many years.

    So Hardline Team once again started work on the new version of the hack!

    ! Lots of fixes and corrections. We wanted to present you a completely different version of the 2018's hack with big updates, and although not everything has been achieved due to the time limit, I personally believe it's worth your time :)

    We have tried our best and hope you would like all the hard work we've done.

    About the hack:

    If you enjoyed games like Contra The Hard Corps, The Adventures of Batman and Robin, Alien Soldier, Rocket Knight Adventures, Gunstar Heroes...This hack is made for you!

    • Hardcore gameplay, tough bosses, unfair to the casual gamers.

    Time Attack Set your own records, defeat bosses the fastest and improve your time.

    SRAM No need to rewatch the cutscenes again and again - lots of your actions are saved, making it available to start the game right away from the options menu.

    New Sonium minigame A little parody of the game Paprium

    Secrets and easter eggs Can you find them all?

    This hack is my original story.

    "Sonic and Tails were able to return the Master Emerald, defeating Robotnik and putting an end to his vicious plans.

    But this failure only fueled his desire for victory.

    Now Robotnik will get his revenge. In blind rage he fights with full might and power, and the battle will be deadly!

    Can our heroes stop Robotnik? It all depends on you..."


    Mode 1 support Enjoy the game with HQ music! FoxConED made badass themes specifically for this hack.

    I've personally played on Mega Everdrive PRO with CD music. You can emulate the hack on RetroArch with Genesis Plus GX core. Unfortunately Kega Fusion seems to have troubles with Mode 1, which makes it unavailable to use.

    (Day One patch might be released after SHC :D)


    • Code: TheBlad768.
    • Music: FoxConED, Mr.Joker 27 Productions, N-BAH, mrcat-pixel.
    • Graphics: mrcat-pixel, TheBlad768, FoxConED, Tisakotu, Dolphman.
    • Beta testers: Narcologer, FoxConED, mrcat-pixel, Tisakotu, Vladikcomper.
    • English translation: mrcat-pixel, Hotmilk.

    External Credits

    • Debugger: Vladikcomper, AURORA☆FIELDS.
    • Ultra DMA Queue: Flamewing.
    • Sonic 2 Clone Driver v2: Clownacy.
    • CD Driver: Krikzz.
    • Genesis Emulator Detector: Ralakimus.

    This hack was made in this source code.

    ! Known bugs

    • Not all graphics have been adapted for new levels.

    • Used music from Sonic Virtual Adventure.(We weren't able to update everything in time)

    • Other small mistakes

    Thanks for checking this out! :)





    Link to SHC2021 entry: Sonic Hacking Contest :: The SHC2021 Contest :: Epilogue :: By Hardline Team

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    Mar 28, 2021
    in my opinion... I love it!!! and I had a lot of fun with the little sonic haha
  3. seawave

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    Oct 11, 2021
    I really enjoyed this hack! For a sonic hack it was pretty complex and technically impressive. ( not to mention hacking sonic 3 and knuckles is pretty painful). It also brought many new things to the table that most sonic hacks have never done. The beat-em-up was pretty fun. Usually hackers seem to focus on complexity, but not the amount of fun in the gameplay, or vice versa. This hack does both. Kudos to you lol
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    Aug 26, 2016
    Well guys, I'm here, thank you very much everyone for voting, we came in third place, thanks to the Hardline Team for the support and trust.
    They were difficult months, even days, I've worked tirelessly with the music, we have achieved what we were waiting for.
    This hack has proven to be incredible, it has broken the limit of the hardware of the Sega Genesis, it has made a lot of progress, everything was done without rest, error-proof etc.
    Although there was bugs, will be fix in the future, I've created the song Dark Studio from scratch, and I have devised to remix the song, it took two days in total, so it was a great job.
    Despite the fact that many have criticized the difficulty, they have said good things, and I am happy about it, as well as the negative comments, we will work to improve if there is something that is not right, and they want to contribute.
    Thank you very much TheBlad768 for your trust and for accepting my music, to FoxConED for giving me advice, I thank you all for your criticism and help.
    I've helped several boys here, and I also thank them for their trust, I am glad to see that they have enjoyed my music a lot, in the next year 2022 another project is coming.
    I will not give many details here, my friend Darkex, will be in charge of showing the project, stay tuned, because I am also preparing more music and my hack will come soon.
    Greetings to everyone!!!
    Mr. Joker 27 Music Productions (music supporter from this project).
    Hardline team - All rights reserved.
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    Sep 15, 2017
    In my opinion it makes no sense to criticize the difficulty of this type of game.
    We can say that his brand is to make games harder than usual.
    It would be like saying "The games of touhou project are too difficult", they are made especially for this, to beat them you have to study them to the minimum detail.
    Speaking of the difficulty of this hack, in my opinion it is quite balanced, it is difficult but not impossible.
    For the rest I can say that it is incredible!:D:D:D