Sonic Hacking Contest 2018 RESULTS

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    Yeah, honestly no matter how it was showcase, and no matter where it was moved, Unlimited Tree's entry would've caused a bit of controversy. The recent actions that got him exiled from here, the rant at the end of the hack, and his overall behavior really made things worse too.

    I feel the same Spanner does, UT had some talent. He could make solid levels, and he clearly had passion for some of his projects, as well as being quite good at art at times. It's just impossible to separate the art from the artist here, he always had an issue with his behavior at times, but it got so much worse this year. It's just such a shame how his worst enemy was himself.

    Now why do I feel like I'm missing something?
    ...Oh right! The other hacks! I didn't really participate in this contest either, and I downloaded some of the hacks later on after the week was over. Despite this, there were some really solid entries here, even though I couldn't play some of them. I think this was probably one of the most interesting contests we've had thus far, and that's not automatically bad either. The entries were able to stand out a lot more, and the amount of experimental hacks were a good step up from 2017.
    Probably my favorite one out of the batch I played was Sonic 2 CD, but most of them were pretty solid either way. Also congrats to Natsumi and Markey on the winning entry!
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    As a short update, please be aware that Judges are still working on changes for the 2019 Contest and Expo, based on the feedback from the Evaluation Form as well as their own views on things.

    This is taking a little longer than usual to push out due to how many things may need to be done as well as working around availability of the Judges, such as their own commitments and other life things.

    Hoping to have this out by the end of the month but ideally we will be having similar deadlines than last year so if you are working on a Contest entry, just think for now that you have until the end of October before the Submissions Deadline.
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