Sonic Pocket Winter

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  1. ValleyBell

    ValleyBell Well-Known Member Member

    Dec 23, 2011
    copy-paste from the SHC page, yeah, which you can find here

    Screenshots from SHC page: (images will work whenever the site is up)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This is a small proof-of-concept hack, made using a disassembly of Sonic Pocket Adventure that I worked on during the last year.

    - Character Select screen that makes you able to select Tails and Knuckles
    - It's now winter in Neo South Island Zone.
    - added Sonic's Super Peelout (simplified) and Tails' flying ability (Yes, you can hurt enemies like in S3K.)
    - added Knuckles including gliding (huge thanks to VAdaPEGA for drawing additional sprites!!)
    - new music (both ported and custom)
    - DAC voices for character selection
    - bugfixes and optional tile compression (to make room for the additional sprites)
    - edited first boss

    Thanks to
    - Hex-Rays for the Interactive Disassembler
    - Konstantin Norvatoff for the TLCS900 IDA module
    - Alfred Arnold for Makroassembler AS
    - Nintendo_6444 for Tails' flying sprites
    - MainMemory for SonLVL
    - Kent Hansen for Tile Layer Pro
    - Sonic Physics Guide (was a big help while coding Tails' and Knuckles' moves)
    - VAdaPEGA for additional Knuckles sprites and any additional graphics in general
    - W1P3OUT XL a.k.a SynthRye for the Ice Cap Zone MIDI I used for the boss' theme

    Things that didn't make it
    - all Knuckles sprites (VAdaPEGA was so nice and drew many of the missing sprites for me, but I told him that Pantufa has priority)
    - edited level layouts (I lack the creativity to do so)
    - edited special stages (technically possible and I planned to do a small edit, but I ran out of time)
    - more new music (I spent too much time optimizing the boss theme)

    Emulator support
    Both Mednafen and MAME/MESS seem to work pretty well.
    NeoPop has problems with the sound: Sound timing is a bit wonky and it outputs only the left channel.

    Small note
    I took some freedom regarding player movements, so you can make unrolled jumps and roll/unroll in air.

    If you want a direct download link - it's here. Alternatively you can just get it from the SHC page, which leads to the very same link.
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  2. ValleyBell

    ValleyBell Well-Known Member Member

    Dec 23, 2011
    Thank you all for enjoying my hack and thanks for the trophies!
    I really didn't expect to win so many.

    So, here is the full source code for the hack:
    The SonLVL SPA mod is not included, but I pushed a branch to the SonLVL GitHub Repo.

    I'll post some development trivia later.
    The release of the actual SPA disasm will be sometime later. I want to have a look at a few functions I might've labelled incorrectly.

    And here is a detailed list of (visible) changes:
    • fixed bug where holding "down" while landing on ground had no effect (very noticeable in Cosmic Casino)
    • modified moveset to roll/unroll anytime
      • unrolled jump: hold "up" while pressing A/B
      • unrolling while on ground: press "up"
      • unroll in air: hold "up" while pressing A/B
      • roll in air: hold "down" while pressing A/B
    • fixed debug sound test (most SFX and the last few songs weren't working)
    • added Knuckles as playable character
    • fixed Tails' tails still being on screen after jumping into Special Stage ring
    • added Character Select screen (including custom fade-out effect)
    • added Sonic's Super Peel Out (works like Spindash, because doing it like Sonic CD would be pointless with the modified moveset)
    • added Tails' flying ability
    • added Knuckles' gliding ability
    • added DAC voices to the character select screen
    • made background of Character Select screen scroll (disabled, because I think the current BG looks nicer)
    • added new Knuckles sprites drawn by VAdaPEGA
    • fixed NSI flowers having a missing tile
    • edited NSI boss
      • each time the hammer touches the ground, it will spawn some ice spikes that can hurt the player
      • The powerful hammer smash originally caused an earthquake that hurt the player. The earthquake now just knocks the player back, but also causes a wave of ice spikes that is likely to hurt the player instead.
    • added "Thanks for playing" screen (uses image hidden in the original ROM, custom text drawing routine)
    • added underwater palette for Knuckles, Special Stage palettes for Knuckles/Tails
    • edited the title screen to say "Pocket Winter" (thanks again to VAdaPEGA for quickly drawing the graphics)
    New music tracks are:
    • NeoGeo Pocket BIOS: BIOS jingle and BGM (used on "Thanks for playing" screen)
    • SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium: "The Force" (character selection) and "Choujou Kessen" (unused)
    • S&K PC Collection: Ice Cap 1/2 (music for Neo South Island 1/2)
    • Sonic 3 Invincibility (invincibility theme)
    • Ice Cap Zone (MegaDrive) remix by W1P3OUT XL (boss theme)
  3. LuigiXHero

    LuigiXHero Well-Known Member Member

    Mar 22, 2014
    Mind sharing a download link for the Sonlvl mod? I don't really know or want to compile it.
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