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    Post from the contest description:

    29 years has past and Eggman still hasn't defeated a speedy blue hedgehog. But seeing his time traveling work from the past, gave him a terrific idea to alter the future of South Island. With Tails realising what happened, he warns Sonic and takes him back to the past to prevent Eggman from destroying South Island again. Sonic must set foot and follow his first adventure again into defeating Eggman in an all new hack called Sonic ReOne.

    Sonic ReOne is a hack created by DeltaWooloo and friends which takes Sonic back to where he originally started 29 years ago in South Island. This hack features new palettes that cycle through every act just from bright morning to dark evenings. Iconic features from classic Sonic games arrived in this hack (see the features below) Eggman pumped up his bosses to make it harder when you annoy him by hitting him. The level design is a mix between linear and platforming which is something you see in Sonic games, but be careful that you don't go too fast. Eggman placed badniks and springs to prevent you from going to the end. The music is catchy and fun to listen to and suits the mood of the zones.

    After the events of Sonic Mania Plus, Eggman saw that Sonic and his pals destroyed his greatest inventions. With the Hard-Boiled Heavies destroyed, he is hopeless and devastated. Feeling agitated, Eggman decides to look through his old inventions until he stumbled across his greatest invention: time travel. Seeing that again gave him a brilliant plan, altering the future. He decided to time travel back to 1990, where Sonic didn't make his adventure a year later, in South Island, and invade the place and alter the future without Sonic realizing. The next day, when Sonic was taking a stroll around South Island, he saw South Island turned into the Eggman Empire. With Sonic confused about why he destroyed South Island that quick, he went back to Tails who was fixing his tornado. Tails told Sonic that Eggman went to the past and altered the future before you realized. With Sonic annoyed about this, he tells Tails to see if he can go back to 1990 where Eggman time-traveled to. Tails added a chip that can send his tornado to any time of the year if it hits 88 mph. So with the settings to 1990, Tails flies the tornado across the sea, hitting 88 mph. With a flash, they went back into 1990 where Eggman Empire isn't complete but there are badniks scattered across the island. Tails told Sonic that he needs to fix up his tornado as it is malfunctioning which means Sonic must to go back to Scrap Brain and defeat Eggman, once again.

    As Sonic went into South Island again, he still remembered his well know abilities. And these abilities are selectable if you select options in the title screen. Here are the choices:

    If you select Sonic 3 in the control styles, you would get the spindash and the insta shield

    If you select Sonic CD in the control styles, you would get the CD spindash and peelout

    If you turn all controls on, you would get the Sonic 3 controls but with the peelout

    You can toggle the extended camera if you would like to have that

    There are some features that enable such as the Sonic CD roll jump, the air roll from Sonic Triple Trouble and the slow ducking from Sonic and Knuckles no matter what you select.

    We do the bosses as the same as in Sonic 1 but with a pinch mode. You think taking 8 hits would get him down? Nope! He'll fool you and make you say sorry as he decided to plan some tricks to stop you from your path. Make sure you know what to do.

    Jump, bounce and fall into these stages as you desperately try to get back the emerald. It's all about platforming. You just jump for block to block and think about where you move. Gain those 4 emeralds (for this demo, unfortunately. There wasn't enough time) to transform into Super Sonic where you can fly across the zones without trouble. So how do you get into those stages you ask? Grab 50 rings and go to the lamppost and into the stars you go into a quest to seek those emeralds.

    There are 3 playable zones for you to try out with different palettes every time you move from acts and zones. After you finish them, you're taken back to the title screen. Everything you saw in videos and images from the past few months is playable here. There are some level design issues due to time constrants but at least they are all playable!


    Level designs: DeltaWooloo

    Music composers: Dj. Joker27, RuthlesstheHooman, TheInvisibleSun and JoenickROS, LackofTrack

    Palette designers: DeltaWooloo, RuthlesstheHooman, maple_t and KCEXE

    Coders: DeltaWoolooand RandomName

    Title Screen logo made by me

    People who helped me along the way: Iso Kilo, AUORA_FIELDS (Natsumi), MarkeyJester, Samey, ProjectFM, Tanman Tanner, Trickster, Inferno, RuthlesstheHooman, nineko, KCEXE, Dark Lips, Kurk and Nat the Porcupine

    Spindash guide by Lightning, Puto, shobiz, Mecury

    Shield attract and bug fixes from Mecury's ReadySonic

    Peelout and CD spindash by LuigiXHero and Mecury

    Sonic CD roll jump and slow ducking, title screen centering and fix Sonic 1 debug by Iso Kilo

    Fade to white routine and removing water surface object by ProjectFM

    Air roll by Inferno

    Sonic 2 spring object, coconuts and stars by RandomName

    Correcting PAL music by Crash

    Starposts by Shooter

    Sonic 3 and CD SFX: KCEXE

    Route 113 SMPS by ProjectFM

    Snake Man SMPS by ValleyBell

    Sonic Heroes Special Stage 2 by S_T_D

    A few bug fixes and Nemesis and Kosinski decompression by vladikcomper

    SEGA screen by GF64

    SSRG Splash Screen by MarkeyJester

    Splash screen code by hixtus and ProjectFM

    I do apologise about the ending where you have to defeat the Final Zone boss once then the ending happens cutting off to SEGA. I didn't have time to add the credits before the deadline but will have it soon.

    There is a bug with the special stages as reaching special stage 5 and 6 would cause you to be stuck as the layout is the same as Sonic 1. So it's best to save state if you want the chaos emeralds.

    The shield and invincibility art have minor VRAM issues when you are fighting Eggman. These bugs will be fixed in future updates sometime next year.

    I know this is not complete or anything but I tried to make this hack enjoyable to explore, test and have fun. If you didn't like the hack, just let me know and I'll take in the feedback to improve it overtime.

    In any case, have fun and enjoy it! ;)

    Download link:
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    Sorry, I passed only for today, just tell me...
    Can you explain this?. How can I exit there?. I taught you how to make a level design and objects position, but this I have not taught you.
    Spring Yard has got only a lineal design two paths only forward, you did two paths going from ahead to back, and the idea for me is not good.

    Is a Demo you say, this for me is not good, I don't know if it was intentional, he didn't realize it, or if he did it on purpose.
    Sorry, your beta tester must pay attention to these small details, I don't want to imagine the other bugs, but okay.
    Good luck in the future and I didn't help you to arrive here with this kind of bugs.

    For these kinds of bugs don't credit me please, I told to you look and follow the original level design, this is not Sonic 1 Megamix, not other hacks. Learn to study the level design of the game well and pay attention to everything you do.
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    Aug 7, 2019
    Hello, Mr Joker27.

    I do apologize for any inconvenience caused regarding level design. Unfortunately, I didn't get the time to analyze the levels while making it for the contest since I did mention about Spring Yard having some level design issues due to time constraints. This is my first time making a big Sonic hack and being within a community for a year and even so, trying to see how other hacks presents level design is difficult as you have multiple hacks with different styles. You brought Megamix up which I agree with you as it has what the community calls "dick moves" this is OK to find stuff like this which shows me that I need to see where I went wrong and try again.

    Overtime, I'll learn and develop my skills to understand the best method to make level design and to learn from my mistakes.

    Besides that, thanks for reporting it and I'll be sure to get that done by the next update.
  4. Mr. Joker 27 Music prod.

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    Aug 26, 2016
    There are missing objects, like Rotating Log Spikes (object 58:C3 with platform with rings), Blocks in the air (object 56) chunk in the air like at beginning, and platform with spikes is not good, Caterkiller only must go in MZ and SBZ, you must see slowly the level design and the object position. You will learn, but avoid that because I don't taught you to make these bugs, good luck and I hope the best for the next time.
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