Sonic Sundown SMS (Development Thread)

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    May 31, 2014
    This will be a place where I'll (hopefully) be posting development updates for my current hack, Sonic Sundown. I'll probably make a different thread for the actual release, but that's a long time off from now. In any case, enjoy!

    Sonic Sundown is an advanced "whole game overhaul" type hack of Sonic 2 SMS themed around travelling across different planets.

    Currently implemented features include:
    • New sprites and animations for Sonic (including an expanded frame count for existing animations and lots of completely new animations for style)
    • New Spin Dash and Air Roll
    • Shield and Save Point monitors
    • One (as of now) new level with fully custom art, as well as custom palette cycling and dynamic tiles
    • All badniks present are either custom or substantially modified
    • New audio SFX and music
    • No Game Overs or Time Overs, new HUD with the ring counter expanded to allow for 999 rings
    • Sonic CD-like extended camera
    • Lots of under the hood clean up
    • [IN PROGRESS] Custom hub level
    • [IN PROGRESS] Playable Tails


    Screenshot for the last two :3

    Current credits:
    • LaterSingTogether/gnid0chka: the vast majority of the character sprites, some object art;
    • VAdaPEGA: originally created the Sonic Boom cover for my previous hack Sonic Eclipse, which has been repurposed here;
    • pixelcat: everything else.

    Yes, this is a successor to the 2018 hack Sonic Eclipse, years later. Hopefully I'll get further than a 1 zone demo this time.