Sonic Sunventure (SHC 2021 Demo)

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    Sep 18, 2020
    Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis
    Sonic Sunventure is a hack of Sonic 1 that features modified levels, art, and music.


    Jump - A, B, or C

    Air Roll - Press A, B, or C in the air to turn into a ball.


    Green Hill Zone (Has 2 acts)

    Spring Yard Zone (Currently only has one act)

    Scrap Ruins Zone (Currently only has one act)

    Robotic Ruin Zone (Has 1 act)

    New Monitors:

    Eggman Monitor: Hurts the player.

    Blue Ring: Gives the player 20 rings.

    Continue: Gives the player a continue.

    • AngelKor64 - Coding help (palette system)
    • TheInvisibleSun - Coding help (water tag object)
    • MrJoker27 Music Productions - Music Porting
    • Various art from Sonic CD and Chaotix
    • Inferno's Air Recurl tutorial (among many other tutorials)
    • SonLVL and SonMapED
    ...and in the words of Scott "the woz" Wozniack "it looks fine"


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