Sonic The Hedgehog: Ancient Isles

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    Aren't you tired of these hacks overwhelmed with new features that make you surprised every time? Are you want to just chill out in some simple atmosphere with new levels? Well, here you are!

    Sonic The Hedgehog: Ancient Isles (formerly known as "Catswell's Edition") - is a hack that directed to create simple, chill yet fun and memorable experience with a whole bunch of absolutely new levels with drawn from scratch sprites.

    Plot of hack is basically same as Sonic 1, it's just variation of "What if, events happened on another island?".

    Gameplay also as Sonic 1, without spindash, so only thing you can use here is momentum. A lot of things in level design based on momentum basis. Master it and you can reach some heights on multiple paths. Also you can use Air Roll (press A/B/C in the air, while you are not jumping/rolling).

    Hack is working on hardware! Tested on Sega Genesis VA6.5 with Mega Everdrive Pro. Not tested on other flash-cartridges, but it should work everywhere, I think.

    • Intro > orig: Owl City - When Can I See You Again?
    • Title Screen (Discovering Something New!) > by XBRO
    • Ancient Forest Act 1 (Here's The Start) > orig: Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari EX 2007 - Houryou theme
    • Ancient Forest Act 2 (Never Late To Be A Hero!) > by XBRO
    • Ancient Forest Act 3 (Night Is Calling) > orig: Adeq - Dance In The Universe
    • Buried Ship Act 1 (Forgotten Base) > by XBRO
    • Buried Ship Act 2 (Wild Jungle Woods) > by XBRO
    • Buried Ship Act 3 (Nature Works With Metal) > by XBRO
    • Stardream Oasis Act 1 (Dehydration Isn't An Option) > by XBRO
    • Stardream Oasis Act 2 (Drowning In Waves) > by XBRO
    • Stardream Oasis Act 3 (Night Diving) > by XBRO
    • Invisibility (You Can't Touch Me Now!) > by XBRO
    • Got Through (The Way Out) > orig: Bomberman Tournament - Finish Dungeon
    • Boss Theme (Maniac In Disguise) > by XBRO
    • Special Stage (Uncontrollable Gemstones) > orig: Bomberman Tournament - Overworld
    • Credits (Never Stopping) > by XBRO

    • TheBlad768 - main programming, feedback, testing (both emulator and hardware)
    • XBRO - music (both custom and ports)
    • stare (FlyTF) - helped me to understand basics at the start
    • Vladikcomper - original MegaPCM, Advanced Error Handler, palette changing guide, modified original disassembly (source code)
    • Hitaxas and ProjectFM - Splash Screen example/guide
    • flamewing - DMA Queue
    • Hivebrain, drx and Stealth - Original disassembly
    • mrcat-pixel, SomeRussianDude21, FoxConED, Papazakku and others - betatesting, feedback
    • SEGA/Sonic Team - original game, Title Card font sprites
    • CatswellMeow - everything else (custom spriteart, addit. programming and etc)

    1841.png 2080.png 2084.png 2073.png 2074.png 2076.png

    Download (Demo 0.3) -
    Since I'm creating this thread, all new info and wips will be in here. Stay tuned, that hack'll impress you later (maybe). Thank you everyone for your support! I really appreciate it.
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    A little bit late, but still...


    Thank you for playing, see ya later.