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    May 31, 2014
    Well, uh... It has been a while, hasn't it?
    Let's finish what we've started.

    What is this?

    You may remember Red Miso Studios from Hellfire Saga, but our first successful project was Sonic Virtual Adventure, back in 2016. If you remember that one, here's how it went: we tried to make it a full game, we had to reboot it a few times. Then it encountered a lot of internal turmoil and went *poof*.
    Then we went on to make Hellfire Saga.

    But some projects never truly die in our hearts, don't they?

    Sonic V lives on as a fan game for PC. Some may be disappointed that our days of working on the Mega Drive are over, but we'll assure you: that just means we have new limits to push.

    We're committed to try to do the most we can. We've assembled a large audio team, are currently working on implementing a lighting system for pixel art, and a lot more.

    We've also abandoned tiles in favor of building levels out of props placed on multiple parallax layers! The video below is extremely outdated at this point (namely, a lot of graphics have been redone and we're working on the jitter problem), but this may give you an idea of what the advantages are.

    Development logs
    Not many people liked the long stretches of silence in between releases of Hellfire Saga. We hear you! As the development of Sonic V goes on and as things get completed, we'll be posting short articles on specific topics to keep you up to date with the game's progress.

    There's a lot planned, it's still going to take a while, but hopefully we won't appear once a year from now on :)

    In the meantime, check out the new Sonic V logo and title screen art.


    Stay tuned!