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    So! To continue my tradition of releasing something on my birthday, I present you a hack!

    In case you wont like to be spoiled, have a complimentary download link!

    Right, then. You want all the good bits to be spoiled, correct?

    Right, then. This hack started as a small joke hack, just to see if I could add something we all love to classic Sonic games; micro-transactions. This was more or less a success, although not as I imagined it. Nevertheless, I found myself just adding more and more random bits for substance, and eventually even found myself playing around with something completely foreign to me on the side. This led me to have an idea for a bossfight, and as such GHZ2 boss was born! And by that, I got an idea; What if I make full hack with new boss fights! And since then I've been pretty much adding anything to my mind comes up with, as well ass lots of bosses.

    But, what is this hack? Well, I dont know to be honest. It was at one point a joke, then a real hack... And then a joke again? I lost track by now. What I do know, is that none of this makes sense, especially the secrets features in this hack. I would especially like to help following people for their major contributions to making this hack be as good (or bad :V) as it is:
    Vladikcomper: Sound Driver, Mega PCM, lots of cool music, and help with sound driver issues.
    djohe: Bug testing, Quality assurance, and help with solving some issues.
    Ducks: Bug testing, Quality assurance, and lots of neat ideas.
    Jorge: A lot of help with hardware information and Natsumi screen help.

    Other people who helped:
    Betatesting: Vladikcomper, Sonicvaan, TheStoneBanana, MarkeyJester, Animemaster, DA. Garden, Abyssal Leopard, LuigiXHero, Ralakimus, Bakayote
    Music: Vladikcomper, DalekSam, S_T_D, Electroball, Natsumi
    WARNING: potential hardware compatability issues; tests are inconclusive.
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    I wish I could just leave it at that note because all I've played through so far is act 1, but I'm really fond of the gameplay so far! The points system is amazing and I admit I laughed with the whole paypal joke (try and buy points). Time to save up for 'I haz sekritz' I suppose... and every other thing.

    Oh, and happy birthday. I'm late, I know.
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    Jul 18, 2015
    This was a fun hack. I enjoyed the joke with paypal aswell. I am now on the hunt for the I haz sekritz option. :)
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    I like how instead of already having the certain moves or characters, You need to buy them with points. Especially with Every act 2 (Except Scrap Brain) has a "Mini Boss" Showdown, To be Honest I've seen few Sonic Hacks that have that type of thing, this Hack for one makes it Interesting. One Thing I wanted to ask was, How Come The Sonic 3 & Knuckles Title appears even though it's a Sonic 1 Hack?
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    Here's my 3rd!

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