SoniCPort (Sonic 1 C Port)

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    May 1, 2016

    SoniCPort, as the title of this thread would imply, a C port of Sonic 1.

    About the Project
    I started this project about a month ago, mainly because I wanted to do a C port of Sonic 1. That's about it.
    In order to do this, I would have to read all the game's code, and translate it by hand to C, then make sure everything's working properly and the same as the original.

    It's still pretty early in development, so there may be some incredibly obscure inaccuracies I've missed, so if you do find any, be sure to report them. Preferably as an issue on the GitHub repository, which can be found below.
    There's also no audio yet, and the backend is generally incomplete.

    GitHub repository:

    Sonic Team - Original game

    Sonic Retro - Sonic 1 Disassembly
    MarkeyJester - SSRG splash screen
    Clownacy - Additional porting (decompression routines)

    upload_2021-2-16_14-14-5.png sonicport1.png sonicport2.png sonicport3.png

    Clownacy's Sonic 2 C port is worse and I'm handsome and smart because I'm better than Clownacy.

    (I'm sorry, he asked me to add this)

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    If you're so much better than me, then why do I have to fix your dumb-dumb bugs while my port never had any :mad:

    (Some people on Sonic Retro were running into a bug where the screen would just be white and never show anything, so here are updated builds with that fixed.)

    Normal build
    Widescreen build
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    May 1, 2016
    Moderators, I did not consent to this SLANDER! You shall take it down or I will pursue legal action.

    But also download the new executables because they fix bugs from my initial release (and probably include more objects).