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    Sep 15, 2011
    I made a thing:


    • It edits Sonic 3 special stages
    • It "should" be cross platform
    • It has tools I guess?
    • Its project based
    • It has a zoom feature!


    • No perfect calculation, you'll have to input the perfect number manually
    • No undo system
    • No wrapping
    • Lack of tools I guess?
    • GUI is very tightly fit into a 1024 space
    • I had to build my own GUI from scratch, so it sucks internally
    • It doesnt edit roms or individual files
    • When zooming, the sprites don't change size
    • It doesnt do SK and BS levels; this is due to my choice of programming this in lua, which doesn't have a Kosinski compressor/decompressor
    • Setup requires some editing of files


    • Download
    • Extract
    • Put "Trisphere.lua" into the root of your disasm project folder
    • Open "Settings.lua" with your favorite text editor
    • Modify the: project = "" to the location of your disasm root folder
    • Save Settings.lua

    Cross Platform Note:
    Love2D(the engine I used to make this) is cross platform, however idk how that works in other OS's so you'll have to figure it out yourself unfortunatly

    It's Included, the program runs from the src folder(compiled at runtime)

    So Mainmemory asked me a few questions a week ago about my Trisphere editor from 6 years ago, for information for his editor,
    this sparked my interest back into my editor, so I worked on it while he worked on his, and here is the result...

    Unfortunatly, with all my projects, I never finish, I eventually get bored and the code will sit on my HD to rot.
    This is what is happening now, but I did manage to get this to a releasable beta state

    I probably will not be doing any more work on this, maybe a bug fix or two but thats about it.

    Expect Bugs.


    Fixed an input problem.


    Fixed a crash when zooming with mousewheel
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