where do I start to learn how to create a hack Rom

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    Could someone tell me how to learn the basics to make a rom hack is that I am new and I have no idea
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    There are guides and utilities all over the place and I'm sure someone is going to give you some useful links soon, but even before that, there is a question you should ask yourself: what kind of hack do you want to make? You have a white sheet in front of you, what do you write on it? Why do you want to write something on that sheet at all?

    There are many things you can do in a hack, what direction do you want to take? Do you plan to edit the art? Do you want to add new characters? Are you interested into replacing music? There are several ways to do each of those things, making up your mind in advance can help both you and the people who are willing to help you.

    This is true for every form of art. If I join a forum of novelists and I ask "how do I write a book", they would probably ask me what kind of book I have in mind, because e.g. Tolkien is different from Stephen King. A cat can wear boots or teach a seagull how to fly, so please understand that generic questions such as your one aren't very meaningful.
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    And that person would be me. :p

    I have shown this in a server a while back, but here are the tools I'd recommend using:
    • Notepad++ (free and easy to use) or Visual Studio for ASM editing
    • Give SonLVL a go for level design (don't use ESE or ESEII as they are outdated tools and most likely won't work on your PC)
    • Windows Vista or later is recommended for certain apps, or use Linux or macOS and get Mono and Wine.
    • SonMapED or Flex2 to incorporate art into your hack (I'd personally use SonMapED, but Flex2 is user-friendly)
    • SMPS Converter (porting songs, SMPS Research Pack required)
    • I'd recommend using AMPS Sonic 1 or 2 disassemblies (GitHub for S2 and Hivebrain for Sonic 1. AMPS (a sound driver for Mega Drive games), IMO, is primarily user-friendly, as long as you study the documentation well and ask anyone who knows AMPS, you could do a lot when it comes to music)
    • I'd recommend using GIMP/Paint.NET for custom art
    • There is MID2SMPS for custom songs through MIDIs.
    • Use MarkeyJester's 68k guide (highly recommended to those who want to start 68k hacking)
    These are my picks. Some people like to use ConTEXT for ASM, SonED2 to do level design and use different disassemblies like the GitHub disassembly of Sonic 1 or the Sonic (3) Knuckles disassembly. However, I don't recommend starting to use that first. Clownacy's video tutorials can teach you a thing or two about Sonic ROM hacking. There are so many resources available, but at the end of the day, we are all entitled to examine what tools suit our needs, so keep discovering and keep looking; you can find what's best for you.

    However, I do agree with what nineko said about your question. I'd advise you to do your research and see what is necessary for your ROM hack, from tutorials to tools. Don't hesitate to ask anyone to help you if you are struggling in the Basic Q&A Thread, and they will try and lend you a hand. Remember, the more information you gain from us and the resources provided, the more confident you will be in ROM hacking.
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    I don't know what it means that word, but here there are guides to see and tools for use.
    If you want to start a Sonic hack, please pay attention to the guides and tips, try to spell right the sentence when to write a new post.
    We can help to you, but remember here you must be mature and ready to make a great hack.