With April Fools' Day Done...

Discussion in 'Site News' started by LazloPsylus, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. LazloPsylus

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    Having Donald Trump take over the forum was fun for a day, but now the day of fun and games are over. The site's changing, but not back to how it was before April Fools' Day. There have been some staffing additions, and there's some serious changes in store for the site as a whole in the coming weeks.

    The first change in play is a new validation system for newcomers. This is just an additional layer to help filter the user quality of the site going forward. Expectations are not much, just simply showing some competency in being a user. However, this is a step in trying to bump up the quality of the site overall, along with some incoming housecleaning on the site as a whole. This place isn't a playground, and we've been far too lenient in the past with letting a number of people get away with far more than they should. Consider this your free warning: The shit stops now.
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    Nobody builds walls better than Donald Trump does.
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    I'm very excited with the upcoming changes to the site that are coming and I feel our more competent users will enjoy them all as well as there will be much less in the way of sifting through godawful Sonic fanfics, hack requests, and general rule-breaking. While we're not a site for the elite, we want to create and atmosphere that makes every one of our members one of the elite in due time. These are exciting times for the SSRG, and I'm thrilled to have an opportunity to be part of it!
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    I'm very glad to see the changes being done here at SSRG. Kudos to you staff, you're going to make SSRG a great place to be at again!
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