MDMidi: The Mega Drive MIDI driver of all time

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    I wasn’t really planning on making this thread just yet, but people let me know that others might need this driver so this seems to be the best place to put it.

    MDMidi is a planned update to the MID2SMPS midi driver meant to add various features and quality of life, so making music is easier.
    List of currently planned features:
    • Chord mode - Set certain channels to play chords of another channel
    • Pseudo-polyphony - Change how a channel handles too many notes for a channel, such as quickly arpeggiating the notes
    • Auto channel echo - Make channel(s) automatically echo another channel
    • Live operator automation - Edit FM operators with midi events without needing to make copies of the voice with the operator changes
    • Multi voice toggle - Easily toggle between 2 (or more) linked FM voices. For example easily swapping from a normal guitar voice to a harmonic version.
    • SSG-EG support
    • Special FM3 support
    • DualPCM support
    Most of these features will require features from MID3SMPS to actually work so it may be a while before these actually get implemented. If you have any feature ideas, feel free to reply with them and I'll add them here if I feel it's a good fit.
    The driver is also open-source and is hosted at this repository so feel free to make PRs if you want to help improve the driver.

    Until then, I have also made a 64-bit build of the original mid2smps driver for use with 64-bit only programs.
    File and install instructions here
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