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    MID3SMPS is a (currently work in progress) update to the classic mid2smps, rewritten in modern C++ with the goal of being more flexible with its output and adding quality of life features.

    Current(ly planned) features:
    • Cross-platform (Windows and Linux; OSX untested)
    • Custom instrument banks/folders
    • Instrument reordering
    • SMPS format customization - Convert to S1, S2, S3K and (probably) anything in between
    • Theme customization - Dark mode by default
    • Automatic config loading based on previously used config
    • New flexible instrument bank format
    • Plugin API to allow converting to formats other than SMPS or for custom drivers
    • And every feature described in its companion midi driver here

    FAQIJMU (Frequently asked questions I just made up):
    Will this support mid2smps file formats?
    Yes. It will support importing all its files, but no exporting is planned (although it wouldn't be hard to add)​

    Will I be able to convert from formats other than MIDI?
    I'm still debating on whether or not this is feasible, but I'm hoping to let this be possible through the plugin API. It will probably be a while until this is possible, if it ever ends up being possible.​

    Can I convert to ASM format?
    Yes. I'm still deciding if I want to directly export to ASM, or have somewhere you can pass the path to smps2asm and just use that.​

    Oerg version? What are you talking about?

    Source code repository: Also includes info on feature requests and how to contribute
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