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  1. Nik Pi

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    Feb 14, 2022
    Thank you!
    In future- I hope to add some unused zones..
    Right now- was restored hidden palace from protos :)
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    Aug 26, 2013
    Sonic CD with faster time warps and smoother special stages (Palmtree Panic Act 1 demo)

    USA | Europe | Japan
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    Nov 7, 2021
    So uhh, yes hello there. How's it going everyone, did ya miss me... no... okay....
    Anyhow yes I am back with the same old hack, but this time I am giving an improvement over my previous release[which is the SHC demo].Now you might be asking, but DSK, didn't you posted the hack in the SHC expo 1 month ago, why are you posting it again. And the answer to my friend is... It was pure shit to be honest, not even kidding, it crashed on Bizhawk, Blastem, Regen, hell even on real hardware it crashed. So after that demotivating weeks later, I started to work on my hack yet again, and this time without the crash bullshit. And much more polished than the previous version, well that's debatable lolololol.
    I have tested my hack on Bizhawk[ old being 1.132 to new 2.7], Blastem, [don't know the version but it did work there.]. Regen, [I think v0.97...]. Kega... Kega. Gens. And finally Clownmdemu.
    Anyhow with this version/release, I have added the following things:
    Stuff Added:

    • Same old stuff the double jump, spindash, airdash or the jumpdash. But now there is a downward dash which can be pressed by the C button. Remember that.
    • Every act now has its own music.
    • Act clear jingle has been changed.
    • Level Design Tweaks, as well as object placement and extended few zones/acts width of the level.
    • ASM and music replacements... not alot with the ASM, but you'll get it what I mean.
    • Special Stage 1 has been changed... yeah that's about it.
    • Added SLZ 2, DHZ4[yes Act 4 baby which is unused mid game], BGZ2[although unused when playing the game normally], BYZ1 and 2.
    • Palettes of SLZ and BYZ have been changed.
    • Personal AfterImage code for sonic if he's going super fast or when speedshoes is activated or destroyed.
    • Level Select is open, but I'll give the code in a bit.
    • More things that I can't get in my head at the moment. And would be too long if I add more.
    So yeah these were the things that were added and modified in this release.
    Now for Sonic's Moveset:

    • Spindash [down+A/B/C]
    • Double Jump [A/B/C then A]
    • Air Dash[A/B/C then B]
    • Downward Dash[A/B/C then C]
    These are the sonic's moveset, so yeah. Have fun with them.
    Level Select Code:
    U,D,D,R for the US region
    U,U,D,D,L,R for the JPN region.
    If still you find any errors, either mid game, or in the sound test let me know. And I may give it a look whenever I come back to this hack in the future.
    • Joshwoakes for the basic assembly help, being supportive throughout this small project. Basic level and object design placement. And beta testing from the start till now.
    • Vishera[also known by god knows how many times he changes his online name] for supporting from the very first day till now. Basic chunk placement. As well as few object placement.
    • The SSRG and the SHC discord server for giving me helpful tips on level design and few ASM stuff. Even if they were basic.
    • My skills for making few music of my own. And my dumbass attempts at stuff that were never seen the light of day.
    • My brain for actually doing something original for once.
    • Valley Bell for the Act 2 of Dusk Hill and the special stage. Act 2 of Scrap Brain as well. Originally Found in VGMRips.com[although It redirected me to the ssrg music competition when downloading the special stage music].
    • Nineko Pack found in the Free Assets Thread.
    • Knuckles Emerald Hunt src for the Labyrinth act 1 music.
    • Dax Katter for general music help.
    • JX: The Ending Song.
    • Many others that I can't seem to remember at the moment but they are fully remembered for helping me out.
    • And lastly YOU, for playing this.
    Now I am once asking, if you test this hack, or play it on real hardware. And it works fine, then it's a success. If not, then let me know.
    Capture 2.1.PNG Capture 2.2.PNG Capture 2.3.PNG Capture 2.4.PNG
    Edit: (3/12/2022) added some text fixing and credits fixing.

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  4. EddyTF

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    Jan 9, 2022
    @Dark Shamil Khan I played your hack and you know.. I enjoyed it. For the awesome structure of the levels and the gorgeous palette, I immediately put 5+, your SMPS are good, but Ninja Gaiden SMPS sounds somehow strange. Sonic's abilities are inserted wisely and fit. Damn, Spin Dash has no dust animation (try to do it), otherwise it looks ugly. It seems like all I could say about your hack. Hack on a solid nine.
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  5. Dark Shamil Khan

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    Nov 7, 2021
    Why thank you. I really appreciate it you liked it. Ninja Gaiden SMPS was just me trying to be good at smps. The spindash dust wasn't added due to me being lazy basically =P.
    The Sonic's abilities needed some improvements e.g The JumpDash and the double jump being a little slow or not fast(if that makes sense lol) but I thought it was fine later on.
    But anyhow, thanks for playing this!