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  1. Dragon Wolf Leo

    Dragon Wolf Leo Wha- I'm not doing ANYTHING! Member

    Mar 29, 2011

    Sonic 1 Dragon Edition (named after myself) is a modification of Sonic 1 that focuses on original art and music to make brand new zones, along with other changes to enhance gameplay.

    This game is still a work in progress, and several things are subject to change.

    - A hub world, where you can access levels. You can see how many chaos emeralds you have collected, and revisit levels that you failed to collect an emerald. You can return to the hub world by pressing A when paused.
    - Original zones with original/remixed music. Some sound effects (such as rings) also harmonize with the music.
    - Special stages have a turning mechanic, and are also zone specific.
    - New elemental shields with different behaviors, such as the atomic shield, which transforms badniks into monitors and gives you an airborne spindash move.
    - Atomic shield: Transforms badniks into ring monitors and gives a midair spindash. Protects from energy bullets and electricity.
    - Metal shield: Protects from spikes and Robotnik monitors. Allows you to break smashable walls on contact. Gives a downward dash ability.
    - Ice shield: Protects from ice attacks, ice physics, conveyor belt movement, and wind. Reduces water slowdown. Gives 5 small jumps.
    - Bubble shield: Allows underwater breathing. Gives a bouncing ability.
    - Fire shield: Protects from fire and lava. Also destroys badniks in your path if running fast enough. Gives a jump dash ability.
    - Chainable invincibility. Defeating a badnik when invincible extends your invincibility.
    - Super Sonic. Once collecting all 7 emeralds and 50 rings, press A and C to turn super!
    - Please be nice to Dargon!


    [Level Progress]
    - Hydro Base Zone 1,2,3: Complete.
    - Deep Castle Zone 1,2,3: Playable, but WILL be overhauled. Music will be replaced.
    - Melon Park Zone 1,2,3: Complete. May tweak art and redo background.
    - Relic Heights Zone 1: Test layout. Work in progress. Music may be revised.
    - Relic Heights Zone 2,3: Incomplete. Work in progress. Music may be revised.
    - Cryotron Lab Zone 1,2,3: Pending. Music may be revised.
    - Atomic Garden Zone 1,2,3: Pending. Missing tracks for some acts.
    - Egg Crater Zone 1,2,3: Pending. Music will be replaced.

    [Special Stage Progress]
    - Hydro Base Zone: Complete. More to come.
    - Deep Castle Zone: Complete. More to come. Music will be replaced.
    - Melon Park Zone: Complete. More to come.
    - Relic Heights Zone: Complete. More to come.
    - Cryotron Lab Zone: Complete. More to come.
    - Atomic Garden Zone: Pending
    - Egg Crater Zone: Pending

    Version 3.2
    - HBZ has new art and layout revisions.
    - New boost pad object added to Melon Park.
    - Tweaks to Melon Park layout. Difficulty has increased.
    - Adjusted some springs for better level flow.
    - Respawning monitors added.

    - Sonic can now turn super. (Press A and C to activate).
    - New sounds for ring monitor and each elemental shield.
    - New sounds for bubble bounce, metal clang, and special stage dash.
    - Sound harmonization effect added, as well as an option to enable/disable it.
    - Chord test added to options menu.
    - Metal shield pound has increased recoil on springs, spikes, and MPZ bumpers.
    - Special stages can be skipped when paused.
    - Icons for future zones are now teasers for their planned release.
    - Sonic remains invincible for a short time after invincibility wears out.
    - Sonic is now able to persistently roll across small gaps.
    - Red Pandas throw fireballs slightly faster.
    - Sound test now fast-forwards when A is held.
    - Installed MarkeyJester's Dual PCM.
    - MPZ lantern top collision behavior has been tweaked to be easier to control.
    - Monitors spawned by atomic shield fall immediately.
    - Added new 1up Sound.
    - New HUD and menu font, thanks to BinBowie.
    - Bubble and metal shield dash make bouncing on bouncy fruit easier.
    - Breathing animation can no longer be interrupted by water spin.
    - Barrier is added to GHZ until HBZ and MPZ is beaten.
    - Large platforms in HBZ are solid.
    - SYZ boss spike now properly typed as metal damage.
    - Changing shield art is slightly cleaner.
    - Fixed Sonic being able to clip through solid objects when charging atomic ability.
    - Fixed weird bubble shield bouncing after hitting the ground after hitting an object.
    - Bubble shield shares the metal shield's increased spring recoil effect.
    - Bubble shield no longer bounces when Sonic falls tangentially onto a curve.
    - Speed shoes no longer affect speed of drowning music.
    - Fixed palette cycle inaccuracies in GHZ.
    - Fixed messy collision in HBZ. This should fix the random stopping on curves.
    - Added a rolling speed cap, mainly to avoid glitching off giant water spheres.
    - Stopped Sonic being able to go over walls that reach the top boundary.
    - Kind of fixed issue where some badniks doesn't spawn when player is traveling left.
    - Fixed lamppost art and being pushed slightly into the ground.
    - Smashing breakable walls while upside-down doesn't bounce Sonic back.
    - Corrected art and palette of ball and chain of HBZ boss.
    - Newtrons only activate when on screen.
    - Fixed a rare crash that sometimes happens when destroying an egg prison.
    - Fire shield explosions disabled after finishing an act because of VRAM limitations.

    - (Redo) HBZ 1, 2, 3, SS, Invincible
    - HBZ Drowning
    - (Redo) MPZ 1, 2, SS, Invincible
    - (Redo) Default Invincibility; Used for Super Sonic.
    - (Redo) Eggman Boss
    - Miniboss
    - (Redo) Level Clear
    - (Replaced) AGZ1; Also used for other acts for now.
    - AGZ Invincible
    - Menu Theme
    - Tracks 07, 1C
    - Track 1E

    Version 3.1
    - Completed MPZ2, MPZ3, DCZSS.
    - Minor tweaks to GHZ, HBZ1, HBZ2, HBZ3, MPZ1.
    - Tweaks to all special stages.

    - Renamed to Sonic the Hedgehog Dragon Edition.
    - New title screen.
    - New menu options added to start screen.
    - SRAM support added (tutorial by Selbi).
    - Emeralds are now saved to SRAM.
    - Added cycling shield monitor.
    - Fire shield can destroy badniks when running at high speed even if not rolling.
    - Atomic shield keeps Sonic rolling when quick enough.
    - Falling platform delay slightly increased.
    - Removed roll jump air control lock (tutorial by Clownacy).
    - Set a maximum speed to buzz bomber bullets.
    - Red panda fire now slides instead of bounces.
    - Implemented optimized KosDec and NemDec (tutorial by vladikcomper).
    - Special stage rotation is now smooth.
    - Jump in special stage has been replaced with an upwards dash.
    - Arrow Blocks are no longer triggered when collided moving upward.
    - R Blocks now smoothly and straightly rotate the stage.
    - Arrow Blocks now straightly rotate the stage.
    - Added option to inverse rotation.

    - Fixed more explosions sometimes causing sound errors.
    - Applied various bug fixes for Sonic 1 sound driver (tutorials by ValleyBell and vladikcomper).
    - Special stage results screen shows appropriate text.
    - Fixed GHZ ball art overwriting art in some levels.
    - Improved collision checks with breakable walls when Sonic is rolling midair.

    - Title (Redone)
    Release 3.0.1
    - Fixed crash on Regen emulator when trying to enter GHZ
    - Installed vladikcomper's Advanced Error Handler
    Release 3.0

    [Zone Names]
    - Green Hill Zone (GHZ)
    - Hydro Base Zone (HBZ)
    - Deep Castle Zone (DCZ)
    - Melon Park Zone (MPZ)
    - Relic Heights Zone (RHZ)
    - Cryotron Lab Zone (CLZ)
    - Atomic Garden Zone (AGZ)
    - Egg Crater Zone (ECZ)

    - Zone cards are tweaked.
    - Sign post is redrawn.
    - Slight layout tweaks and sugarcoating in HBZ and DCZ. Not too much, since they're planned to be overhauled.
    - Can now return to GHZ and then title screen by pressing A when paused.
    - GHZ has been reworked to be smaller and more condensed.
    - New special stage mechanics.
    - New special stages: HBZ, RHZ, MPZ, CLZ
    - Zones have specific invincibility themes: HBZ, CLZ, RHZ, MPZ
    - Invincibility extends when defeating a badnik.
    - Obtaining and extending invincibility uses giant ring sound.
    - Sonic now bounces on spikes when invulnerable.
    - Breaking monitors underwater makes bubbles.
    - Sonic curls when A, B, or C is pressed midair
    - Sonic can spin midjump underwater to float.
    - New shields: Bubble, Fire, Atomic, Metal, and Ice.
    - Shields protect from elemental effects.
    - Added deflect effect to projectiles when protected.
    - Sonic no longer flinches when shield breaks.
    - Added ice physics to CLZ.
    - Added uplifting ring effect to AGZ.
    - MPZ art and layout is overhauled.
    - Caterkillers can be safely spin dashed into.
    - Falling platforms make a clicking sound.
    - Shields are no longer hidden when invincible.
    - Emeralds are now only earned if you pass zones successfully (no Game Over or quitting)
    - New emeralds are added to GHZ collection when Sonic returns.
    - Giant rings in GHZ now display a vision of the zones they bring you to: HBZ, DCZ, MPZ
    - Time Over is no longer achievable in GHZ.

    - Fixed bug where skipping Game Over screen does not reset spawn point.
    - Fixed explosions sometimes causing sound errors.
    - Invincibility music now resumes when breathing.
    - Fixed shields not showing up after invincibility wears off.
    - Fixed crash when jumping into a giant ring too fast.
    - Fixed glitched shield art that happens for a split second when obtaining one.
    - Fixed crash when getting 1-up right before finishing level.
    - Rocks in HBZ are no longer overwritten by shield art.

    [Known Issues]
    - Walking bomb fuse does not disappear when destroyed.

    - RHZ 1, 2, 3, inv, ss
    - HBZ inv, ss
    - CLZ 3, inv, ss
    - MPZ 1, 2, 3, inv, ss
    - GHZ hub (redone), inv
    - Boss (redone)

    [Element Types]
    - Buzzbomber/Newtron bullets
    - Orbinaut orb
    - Electric orbs
    - Spikes
    - Spiked balls
    - Chainsaw
    - Robotnik monitor
    - Lava
    - Fire balls
    - Bomb shrapnels
    - Caterkiller body
    - Gargoyle bullet (MPZ)
    - Ball Hog/Red Panda bullet
    - Drowning
    - Crabmeat bullet
    - Ice physics
    - Water resistance
    - Gargoyle bullet (CLZ)
    - Blowing fan movement
    - Conveyor belt movement

    Release 2 - SHC 2011 entry
    Release 1 - Initial release

    HUD and menu fonts - BinBowie
    Beta testing - LuigiXHero, TheStoneBanana, HyperFrost, JoenickROS

    - SonED2 by Stealth
    - SonLVL by MainMemory
    - SonMapEd by Xenowhirl
    - Retro Graphics Toolkit by Sonic master
    - xm3smps/oerg by nineko and Oerg866
    - Dual PCM by MarkeyJester
    - Advanced Error Handler by vladikcomper

    If you're interested in following progress of Sonic 1 Dragon Edition or my future projects, check out the Dragon Wolf Games Discord Server.
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  2. JoenickROS

    JoenickROS ROS (bug fixing in progress) Member

    Feb 5, 2012
    Clicked Start on the title screen in Regen, got this error that cant be skipped.
    Address error: $0001FB10$FFFFF7B7
    Ill come back later with C&C. Just a question, do you have someone testing your game on hardware, if not I can do that for you, if you want?

    Edit: Not bad not bad at all, though I do have some complaints, the level flow in this hack needs some serious work, I felt like I was moving fast for like a second then hitting a wall or an object the next, also some of the levels seem claustrophobic, some of those tunnels you made in the levels are the reason, most notable in Deep Castle Zone, some in Mellon Park Zone as well. The must for each zone is nice, but of course from what you told us about the hack, some will be redone or replaced.
    I ran into couple glitches, but unlike Royameadow, I never got stuck anywhere.
    The chain is using Bubble art.
    That background flashing looks weird.
    This one is just a suggestion, I think the emerald should move with the ring, it looks weird when the emerald stays in place while the ring is moving up and down.

    There are a lot of things I like in this hack, the re-imagining of the s3k elemental shields, and your custom spike shield. I also like that sonic bounces on the spikes, the art in this hack is pretty nice as well, some background art seems a little flat in the shading department though, still they are not too bad. Keep it up, ill defiantly be keeping my eye on this one. Oh one more thing, the palette for Deep Castle needs to be cleaned up, its a little eye straining, same with the hub palette.

    Edit2: Oh wait, I also like the new special stage Idea and those new blocks, although the reverse block when it is touched, really confuses me with where I am.
    Last edited: May 8, 2016
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  3. Royameadow

    Royameadow Welcome to the modern existence. Member

    Feb 21, 2012
    Lynn MA, North America
    After remembering this from the Barrier Showcase in the General Screenshot/Video Thread, I've got to admit that this title is indeed coming along well for a title that has not been in the public spotlight since Sonic Hacking Contest IX, this is debatably one of the utmost beautiful works that I have viewed come out of the scene up to this point.
    I'll be truthful, I was extremely unaware of the original release and I did not know of the Sonic Hacking Contest IX build either, looks as if I've been in the dark about this title for the past half decade and change, I had to give the earlier builds about 010 minutes of gameplay to know what I was expecting in Version 03 Revision 00; from the looks of it, after a half hour of gameplay in the main zones, these zones seem rather well done, and it looks as if each one has a specific gimmick that allows for easier traversing, that will definitely come in handy for speedrunning this title in Future~Time, wishfully as a part of Sonic Hacking Contest XIV Online.

    One quirk that I do have about this title at the moment is the trouble in the physics regarding collision detection and floor phasing, Sonic will either not go up a curve or get stuck in the wall or the floor if he is spindashing or gets shot down by a Red Spring far too fast; this is especially noticeable in Hydro Base Zone, where I suffer from this the most, I sometimes found myself getting stuck on the bottom of the loops and even getting stuck between a Spike Bed and a Hard Place (wall).
    Wishfully, come the time for Version 03 Revision 01, that trouble will be fixed, that can be a bit brutal for newcomers and also could potentially kill the general flow of the game if it comes up in other zones during development; other than that, I've got no complaints, Misadventure is indeed a beautiful work and I truly do anticipate on the later builds' progress, I truly love what I am viewing and hearing, this title delivered to me a powerful experience. :)
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  4. Dragon Wolf Leo

    Dragon Wolf Leo Wha- I'm not doing ANYTHING! Member

    Mar 29, 2011
    JoenickROS, thanks for the error report. I did not test this on Regen, but now I will start testing on this emulator. The crash has been fixed in Release 3.0.1. I may have to do more testing to see if any more errors will arise in other emulators.

    I do not have anyone testing on hardware. I will appreciate if you would do it for me.

    Royameadow, thanks for the feedback. I will look into the quirk you mentioned.
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  5. JoenickROS

    JoenickROS ROS (bug fixing in progress) Member

    Feb 5, 2012
    Just shoot me a PM, when ever you want me to test it, also I updated my first post with some C&C.
  6. ArcaniaCQ

    ArcaniaCQ They/Them Member

    Jul 18, 2015
    This hack is interesting. It's art and stuff looks awesome. However these bumpers are really annoying some times.
  7. rika_chou

    rika_chou Adopt Member

    Aug 11, 2007
    I am really liking this so far. The new water floating is neat, and I really like that your new levels have proper slopes and animated tiles.
  8. BurstingZero

    BurstingZero Newcomer Member

    Jan 11, 2016
    The game looks really cool!I love ideas of hub worlds and should be a staple in the rom hacking community!
  9. DevEd

    DevEd A lol who occasionally doge nothing Member

    Oct 12, 2012
    So I gave this a little play. What did I think? Well, I liked it. The new art is really good, and there are some clever little touches here and there, such as each level having its own invincibility theme. A lot of the levels seem to be well-designed, which is a nice change of pace from the kind of level design certain newcomers put out. However, I do have a few minor complaints. Although they are minor, and are pretty much my own opinion, so please take them with a grain of salt:

    • The new water floating mechanic, which is an interesting idea in theory. However, unless the levels are designed around it, then there's not really much point.
    • The new chainable invincibility system kinda breaks the game. All you have to do is find an invincibility monitor, and as long as you find a steady stream of badniks to break, you can blaze through the entire level.
    • Robotnik monitors just feel like an arbitrary punishment. Don't use them.

    Other than that, good work so far!
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  10. AbyssalLeopard

    AbyssalLeopard Well-Known Member Member

    Sep 30, 2015
    This hack has got potential, and I really mean it. The only thing I'm not fond of too much, honestly, is Deep Castle's artwork which, judging by the other levels you have drawn, you could have done much better. However, taking into consideration it will be overhauled, I've got high expectations.

    Level design is splendid. I had no trouble with the badniks and everything seemed to go well. No dick moves were found there, and that's rare in a hack. Well done there.

    I've noticed a few new gimmicks and things here and there. So far, all of the ideas, movements and objects have been super creative ideas. That is something I appreciate a lot there, thank you sir!

    I like the music as well. You could touch up a few things here and there, but the soundtrack is okay from what I have heard. Perhaps there is an exception of a BGM I may not like, but that's more subjective than anything.

    Now, I'd like to conclude suggesting something... Instead of using the vanilla Green Hill Zone artwork, why don't you have a go making new art for the hub? I'm pretty sure you are able to come up with something interesting.

    All in all, nice work, and keep it up. If you manage to be steady enough and think and plan everything correctly as you have been doing so far, the final product will be outstanding, I'm sure of that!!!
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  11. LordXernom

    LordXernom Well-Known Member Member

    Aug 12, 2012
    This is one of my favourite WIP Sonic hacks and I tell you why. I'm observing this project since 2011 when I saw your hack on MegaG's Sonic Hack Showcase 3, because I liked uniqueness of art, music and design choices in your hack. I never saw hack like this! And I'm glad this project is still alive! I also like you're avoiding importing art and music - this is a kind of hack I waited for ages! For me in Sonic hacking community there's too much hacks with imported elements from other games, that's why I'm trying doing custom SMPS, because I feel this community lacks of custom SMPS and I see in this major issue. Backing to my opinion about your WIP hack - I love your custom shields! It gives more variety to your hack and it's fun! I also like level design - it's not frustrating and it feels like new classic Sonic game! The only thing I can complain is...nothing! I have no issues with this hack! Keep up and you'll create an the most unique and creative Sonic hack! Damn... I wrote too much. It's weird, but this hack make me wrote novel like this! Good job!
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  12. Dragon Wolf Leo

    Dragon Wolf Leo Wha- I'm not doing ANYTHING! Member

    Mar 29, 2011
    Thanks for all the feedback. It's quite helpful.

    As mentioned on my first post, I want to change the name of my project. "Misadventure" was something I came up with in a hurry to name the second release, but now I want to call this "Dragon Edition", since this is my own custom version of Sonic. Once I finish the new title screen, it will be renamed.

    Here's a look at an early WIP of my title screen.
    I'm going to put more detail into it and also animate it. It might take me a couple of weeks to complete. Let me know what everyone thinks, and whether if this a good idea (and possible).

    EDIT: Drew and animated the ring. Sorry the GIF quality isn't perfect.
    Last edited: May 10, 2016
  13. LordXernom

    LordXernom Well-Known Member Member

    Aug 12, 2012
    Maybe "Sonic The Hedgehog: Dragon Quest" will be better...?
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  14. pixelcat

    pixelcat The Holy Cat Jr. Member

    May 31, 2014
    Nice joke, LordXernom. :D

    But your logo looks so awesome, Leo, but the name sounds wierd. I mean, I don't see anything related to dragons in the hack...
  15. ArcaniaCQ

    ArcaniaCQ They/Them Member

    Jul 18, 2015
    I personally dislike the tag Edition since I am myself changing the name of my project with the same tag. Also I like the ring animation. So this is exciting.
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  16. D.A. Garden

    D.A. Garden Sonic CD's Sound Test Member

    Aug 6, 2009
    I've had a few playthroughs of this over the last few days and I enjoyed it. The layouts are a bit awkward to traverse at times, but I think that's because the background and foreground seem to merge into each other at times, and so I'm confused as to what is and is not solid. The new shields are awesome. I love them. It's also nice to see them used effectively to traverse paths that you can't get to without them, and this also provides a ton of re-playability as I'm constantly trying to figure out how to get that 1-Up or secret path, for example. The art is quite nice to see, with some refreshing, new style applied here and there. The special stages are, at the moment, incredibly difficult for me. I spent a good 10 minutes struggling to break blocks to get to the emerald in the first Special Stage and finally hit a Goal block instead. Unless I'm missing something, they are incredibly difficult. Overall though, a fun hack and I enjoyed it immensely. I look forward to future progress.

    Also, I love the animation for that title screen. Once a little more shading is applied, it will look spectacular, I reckon. I have no problems with the name, either. At this point, coming up with a name that has already been used in some capacity is difficult. Also, I hate to break it to all the others who have objected but... It's a name! It doesn't actually mean much and has no impact on the game's content, so why does it even matter?
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  17. Clownacy

    Clownacy Retired Staff lolololo Member

    Aug 15, 2014
    I'm still allowed to call out things I feel are in poor form. The name is unoriginal and uninspired, and reflects badly on the hack itself. It could even just be called 'Sonic Dragon', and it would leave a better impression.
  18. LuigiXHero

    LuigiXHero Well-Known Member Member

    Mar 22, 2014
    For the record burned edition was renamed to scorched quest.

    STH Dragon Adventure?

    AURORA☆FIELDS so uh yes Exiled

    Oct 7, 2011
    I enjoyed the hack quickly earlier, and like the changes done. But I think it really lacks polish, and attention to detail. There is a ton of bugs and oddities, and I personally don't think it was yet ready for release. I will be editing my post with a few things when I get off my ass on doing them.
    Last edited: May 10, 2016
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  20. Ravenfreak

    Ravenfreak Still hacking the 8-bit titles Member

    Feb 10, 2010
    O'Fallon, MO
    I really enjoy your hack. I remember when you first revealed this project. :) Anyways I do have a few nitpicks. I can't really read the title cards too well, the letters just look a bit jagged around the edges and it makes it look a bit sloppy. Sonic's smile on the sign post honestly creeps me out a bit. xD Maybe remove the smile or maybe edit the mouth a bit so it looks less creepy. The monitors really blend in with the backgrounds since they are clear. Maybe add a few details to them, so they stand out a bit more. I absolutely love the special stages! They're challenging, which is great since the standard Sonic 1 special stages are too easy IMO. I love the original music and remixes of existing music you've used in the hack as well. And I like the title screen edit you're working on, it's looking pretty good so far. I'm not going to nitpick over the name, it's your hack and you have the right to name it whatever you wish. I hope you can fix the issues and glitches in time for the contest, I could possibly see this winning some trophies and I look forward to playing a more polished version in the future, good luck. :)
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