Sonic 1 Dragon Edition - Version 3.2

Discussion in 'Showroom' started by Dragon Wolf Leo, May 8, 2016.

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  1. Dragon Wolf Leo

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    Mar 29, 2011

    Sonic 1 Dragon Edition V3.2 is here. It's been over a year since the last release, at least on the forums. Just as promised, Hydro Base Zone has undergone an overhaul with new art, new music, and a revised layout, but additionally, we have more new features and quality improvements. Another thing to mention is that I've split the complete stages from the incomplete ones to make a concise demo, for less confusion on the game's progress. This is also entered in the Sonic Hacking Contest 2017, so check it out, along with the rest of the hacks!

    What's New:
    Hydro Base Overhaul! Run through a rebuilt mechanical-tropical paradise!
    Melon Park Tweaks! We wanted to balance the difficulty of this zone to more of a mid-game level. We've also added a new boost pad object to add more interactivity and flow.
    Super Sonic! Now there's a reason to collect the chaos emeralds!
    Music Revamp! The sound driver has installed MarkeyJester's Dual PCM, along with adding and redoing several tracks.
    Harmonization Effects! Several sound effects adjust to the music, making a pleasing harmony.

    Find the download in the original post. Also released is the original soundtrack!

    Also, give thanks to MarkeyJester for creating Dual PCM, BinBowie for HUD and menu fonts, and LuigiXHero, TheStoneBanana, HyperFrost, and JoenickROS for beta testing!

    Full Changelog:
    - HBZ has new art and layout revisions.
    - New boost pad object added to Melon Park.
    - Tweaks to Melon Park layout. Difficulty has increased.
    - Adjusted some springs for better level flow.
    - Respawning monitors added.

    - Sonic can now turn super. (Press A and C to activate).
    - New sounds for ring monitor and each elemental shield.
    - New sounds for bubble bounce, metal clang, and special stage dash.
    - Sound harmonization effect added, as well as an option to enable/disable it.
    - Chord test added to options menu.
    - Metal shield pound has increased recoil on springs, spikes, and MPZ bumpers.
    - Special stages can be skipped when paused.
    - Icons for future zones are now teasers for their planned release.
    - Sonic remains invincible for a short time after invincibility wears out.
    - Sonic is now able to persistently roll across small gaps.
    - Red Pandas throw fireballs slightly faster.
    - Sound test now fast-forwards when A is held.
    - Installed MarkeyJester's Dual PCM.
    - MPZ lantern top collision behavior has been tweaked to be easier to control.
    - Monitors spawned by atomic shield fall immediately.
    - Added new 1up Sound.
    - New HUD and menu font, thanks to BinBowie.
    - Bubble and metal shield dash make bouncing on bouncy fruit easier.
    - Breathing animation can no longer be interrupted by water spin.
    - Barrier is added to GHZ until HBZ and MPZ is beaten.
    - Large platforms in HBZ are solid.
    - SYZ boss spike now properly typed as metal damage.
    - Changing shield art is slightly cleaner.
    - Fixed Sonic being able to clip through solid objects when charging atomic ability.
    - Fixed weird bubble shield bouncing after hitting the ground after hitting an object.
    - Bubble shield shares the metal shield's increased spring recoil effect.
    - Bubble shield no longer bounces when Sonic falls tangentially onto a curve.
    - Speed shoes no longer affect speed of drowning music.
    - Fixed palette cycle inaccuracies in GHZ.
    - Fixed messy collision in HBZ. This should fix the random stopping on curves.
    - Added a rolling speed cap, mainly to avoid glitching off giant water spheres.
    - Stopped Sonic being able to go over walls that reach the top boundary.
    - Kind of fixed issue where some badniks doesn't spawn when player is traveling left.
    - Fixed lamppost art and being pushed slightly into the ground.
    - Smashing breakable walls while upside-down doesn't bounce Sonic back.
    - Corrected art and palette of ball and chain of HBZ boss.
    - Newtrons only activate when on screen.
    - Fixed a rare crash that sometimes happens when destroying an egg prison.
    - Fire shield explosions disabled after finishing an act because of VRAM limitations.

    - (Redo) HBZ 1, 2, 3, SS, Invincible
    - HBZ Drowning
    - (Redo) MPZ 1, 2, SS, Invincible
    - (Redo) Default Invincibility; Used for Super Sonic.
    - (Redo) Eggman Boss
    - Miniboss
    - (Redo) Level Clear
    - (Replaced) AGZ1; Also used for other acts for now.
    - AGZ Invincible
    - Menu Theme
    - Tracks 07, 1C
    - Track 1E

    By the way, if you're interested in following progress of Sonic 1 Dragon Edition or my future projects, check out the Dragon Wolf Games Discord Server.
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    Apr 2, 2016
    A tree field in the middle of nowhere
    aw h*ck yeah
  3. โบวี่

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    Dec 27, 2011
    This is possibly the best hack in the entire contest and you've come so far in making it. The level art is amazing. I never seen anything quite like it in any other hacks.
    And the music, as I've said before on discord, is definitely the best custom music I've heard made especially for a hack.
    I really want this to win the Hidden Palace trophy just because I think it's that good.
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  4. Burst

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    Mar 22, 2015
    Same. Even if it just contains two zones, they are well polished and just awesome. The music is nice, the art is amazing and all the new mechanics...This is the true hidden palace winner.
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    May 31, 2014
    Do you want to hear my opinions on this hack?


    Enough said.
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