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  1. StephenUK

    StephenUK Working on a Quackshot disassembly Member

    Aug 5, 2007
    Welcome to the official SSRG hack recruitment thread. Looking to add new members to your current hacking team for a project you're working on? If so, you've come to the right place. Please read the following rules, and if you disagree with any of them, then this thread isn't for you.

    1. This is NOT an ideas thread. If you're coming here simply to get someone to make a hack for you that you have no intention of working on yourself, then we don't want you in this thread.

    2. There is no room for vagueness in this thread. If you're going to make a post requesting a certain position be filled in your team, then I expect to see your post going into detail about your hack, the current team members, the work that has been done etc. The post should really sell the hack to the people reading and also prove that substantial progress is being made to the hack already. This is simply to ensure that the person recruiting isn't simply looking to get someone to make the hack for them.

    3. Any advertisements made will be scrutinised by the staff here, and if found to be lacking in detail or in breach of any of the rules in place, then the post will be removed without warning.

    4. Once the position has been filled, edit your advertisement post to reflect this. This will stop people wasting their time contacting you about a position you no longer want filling. As a side note, do not remove your original advertisement, just add a clear line at the start of the post in bold stating that the position is filled. If the position becomes available again at a later date, you can remove that line and mention in the topic that your position is open again. There will be no need to duplicate your advertisement again.

    5. Advertisements do not need to come with any kind of rewards attached for applicants, although if you wish to add such incentives then that is entirely at the author's discretion. However, I do not want to see any mentions of financial incentives within such advertisements. If you wish to offer someone payment for their efforts in a financial sense, then such discussions should take place away from this thread. This community has always operated through a sense of personal enjoyment from a common interest, and I'd like to think that people would want to collaborate because they enjoy what they do, and see the project as something that would interest them. I don't want to see the community descend into a situation where money becomes more important than the hobby.

    6. As always, staff have the final say in all matters, and are free to add and remove rules to this thread as they see fit. If you wish to advertise but have any concerns about whether your advertisement is suitable, contact a member of staff first to ensure that your advertisement isn't just trashed after posting.

    So, with that out of the way, we'll get this show on the road and see where it leads. This is operating on a trial basis until further notice, as threads like this generally tend to descend into chaos with people choosing to ignore the rules, or by people getting into debates about the pros and cons of the recruitment post. I don't want to see any of that here, let's try and make this work.
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  2. Devon

    Devon A̸ ̴S̴ ̵C̵ ̷E̶ ̸N̸ ̴D̶ ̵E̶ ̸D̶ Member

    Aug 26, 2013
    your mom
    EDIT: Hack put on hiatus so I can finish my other projects.
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  3. JoenickROS

    JoenickROS ROS (bug fixing in progress) Member

    Feb 5, 2012
    (Repost from the other thread)
    Hello everyone. Some of you may know of my hack Return of Shadow, anyway it currently is on hiatus. The reason for that is that I have been looking for artists who are proficient in making foreground art (also real life shit), and so far I have not had any luck. Here is a folder of some of the background mashups I have imported that need custom foreground art, I also will provide screenshots of them being used in game.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Now I will offer incentives (3), and they are, that I will port any midi you want into an SMPS to be used in any of your own Projects, and I will also bug test any of your projects, and of course you will receive non public builds when ever they are offered. Send a pm to me on here or Discord if interested.
  4. Trinitronity

    Trinitronity Well-Known Member Member

    Sep 12, 2016
    Well sure, why not. I just hope I'm doing this right...

    I am Trinitronity AKA TrinitroMan, and what I need is someone who can do some good level art for my Sonic 1 ROM hack Pikachu the Mouse.
    What is Pikachu the Mouse? Well, that is a Sonic 1 ROM hack that attempts to remake/remaster/whatever a Gameboy Color bootleg called POKéMON Adventure, but with new ideas, in an attempt to make the game look like your typical Sonic-clone that tries to have a piece of that sweat platformer pie.
    If you want to know, what I have done for this hack, just check out this link:
    You can even try it out yourself, if you want to.
    Basically, almost everything you see has been done 100% by me.
    Now why I need someone to do level art for me? Well, that's because I suck at art myself.
    You don't believe me? Then just look at this atrocity:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Yes, it's from my hack. Horrible, right? That's why I need a level artist to help me out with level art in the original style of Sonic 1.
    • no radio silence (I always get nervous when I get no new informations in terms of progress for a very long time, and being nervous is bad for my health)
    • being able to work with the limitations of the Sonic 1 engine and the Megadrive in general
    • being able to work on both BG and FG because of said limitations (Sonic 1 only allows a limited amount of chunks...which are shared between FG and BG)
    • end result should be a chunk sheet (the most top-left chunk must be empty)
    • chunks should include typical Sonic set pieces such as loops, I guess
    Aside from that, everything else is fair game, I guess. To be honest, I'm not really asking for much...
    Now what are my incentives? Well, if you need a certain song, and a MIDI exists, I could turn it into a SMPS. I could also bugtest, if you want, but I don't know whenever I'm good at finding bugs or not, so take that as you will. You can also get non-public releases of my hack for beta-testing as well, as long as you don't leak them. ;)
    Anyway, if anyone is interested, please shoot me a PM at SSRG or at Discord containing previous example works of yours.
  5. FохConED

    FохConED Join to Digital Resistance! Member

    Dec 13, 2014
    I am teamlead of Ladego Team. We need the enthusiast musician for Sonic Virtual Adventure CD Edition. This hack tells about history when eggman transformed mobius to the virtual planet. Now this hack departed from the concept of collecting of emeralds. Why we transferred to Sega CD? We decided to make new concept of hack. Now Main objective of SVA: make hack the confidant on spirit and implementation to the fan games (the smooth rotation and scalling of sprites, original CD a soundtrack, special effects at the new level, SFX, uses of features of Sega CD and creativity of bosses). We already have practices with SVA - a demo from SHC and a little new progress:


    Why we need the musician? We already have 2 musicians, and considering scope of work we won't be in time with a soundtrack.

    We need music in style of normal fan games, we already have practices with music and I can show them:

    What can we repay?
    We can repay with adding you to credits, hit in a command of beta testers, receiving early builds and in possible further, work in other projects of Ladego Team which aren't connected with the fan games / hacks and help in your projects from Ladego Team ~

    And now requirements to musican:
    - Enthusiasm
    - Ability to work in the team
    - Ability to create the original music
    - Quality of compositions: average or above
    - Readiness to work in non-standard conditions

    Additional, not indispensable requirements:
    - Electric Guitar and ability to play on it

    You will appear in friendly talkative collective!
    If you interested or you have questions, you can write me in PM on SSRG, SSRG IRC, Discord.
    My hangouts and email:
    My skype: egor20002111
  6. NiphFM

    NiphFM Host of the Mega Drive Music Contest Member

    Jun 5, 2015
    Music Plant Zone
    Heya. So basically, I am the leader of Project Warped World, a hack that intends to be a direct sequel to Sonic 3K, and builds from the design and storytelling that it gave. Following SHC2016, where this hack and the rest of Team Overload's were placed as honourable mentions to the worst entries submitted, and a few words of guidance and wisdom, I have created a detailed plan of what Project Warped World is supposed to be, instead of something that is just made on the fly, with no real sense of direction. You can view the plan here! This is updated fairly frequently, and I still have to explain the story as it plays out in-game.

    What Project Warped World needs however, are a few more programmers, as this hack is going to be pretty ambitious and while we do have a very talented programmer on board already, one is most definitely not enough. The job will most likely involve object programming (bosses and enemies), art programming (animations and VRAM stuff) and other things that I can't remember at the moment. We could also use a few more artists to make the process a little faster. Musicians and level designers are also welcome, but I don't particularly need more of those at the moment.

    As for what the project is doing at the moment, it is still in its infancy. The artists are currently (supposed to be) creating level art for the first stage, and the musicians are making original tracks. Here are some now, although most are only from me so far:

    You can PM me on SSRG or Discord if you're interested in being a part of the team. We're pretty laid back and don't have any specific deadlines coming up, and we aren't going to submit to the SHC this year, so there is no pressure to get stuff done. Hoping to see some new recruits in the near future!
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  7. LordXernom

    LordXernom Well-Known Member Member

    Aug 12, 2012
    I need somebody who would help me in beta testing Tails Adventure hack for SHC 2017/Hacking Expo. I have issues with accessing Battle Fortress level (I watched R&Z video about 100% beating entire game, but still even when I sorta did what they did I cannot access) and I edited entire game, but I wanted to make sure there's no critical glitches (at least not accessible in ordinary ways).

    As a proof there's videos of development of this hack:

    And screenshot of recent edits of my upcoming hack:


    Even if nobody will be interested still I'll try upload it on SHC 2017/Hacking Expo, but this help would make me sure about the the state of Battle Fortress and with pure soul I would complete this hack.
  8. Pacca

    Pacca Having an online identity crisis since 2019 Member

    Jul 5, 2014
    EDIT: No help is currently needed right now .
    EDIT: The role of zone artist is now taken. I could still use an object artist, though!

    EDIT: I know this post is really old, but as of 7/26/18, and likely for at least a few weeks after, the offer is still open.

    EDIT: Both roles are still open :3

    I'm sure you all know what my main project is, so I'll make it brief. I'm working on a hack called Sonic 2 CD Remix, which takes many elements from Sonic CD, and puts a new spin on them. It currently has many features inspired by Sonic CD, like the Metal Sonic boss, Amy, Time Travel, etc. You can look at my recent posts in the General Screenshots thread or my YouTube channel if you want to learn more about it.

    I've never been all the good at making level art, though. Despite this, the Time Travel Mechanic obviously requires loads of new level artwork to be fully appreciated. On top of that, there are many objects that need new artwork drawn for them, which I simply cannot provide. Any artwork that's offered to me should ideally be in the Style of Sonic 2 and/or Sonic CD; I appreciate all kinds of artwork, but it's more important that the focus of Sonic 2 CD Remix itself stays on Sonic 2/CD.

    If you're interested, please PM me with several examples of you're past work, and whether or not you want to be an object artist, a level artist, or both. Don't be afraid to mention if you want other level artists to help work on other levels; I'm hoping to have at least 4 levels done by the next SHC (which adds up to 12 unique time zones).

    I encourage creative freedom with this; I have no idea what to do with some of the zones, so we can share ideas on what their time periods should look like, gimmicks and badniks they could contain; etc. I'm hoping an artists perspective will help flesh them out. I can also add custom animated artwork, palette cycles, enemy artwork, etc., and remove any that already exist. Please don't hesitate to offer custom animated artwork or palette cycle ideas, as I can add them easily (although I'll need actual artwork to implement for the former).

    Don't be too worried if I take some time to respond, or often mention that can't do something right away; rl stuff has been sneaking up on me, and I'm quickly running out of free time...
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  9. FохConED

    FохConED Join to Digital Resistance! Member

    Dec 13, 2014

    We are HardLine Team, a rising collective of Russian and South American videogame developers, at the moment working on arcade projects for Sega Genesis/MegaDrive and its add-ons.

    We work through the internet, by sharing the files between us through chat systems, dropbox or our personal server from Chile, when possible. We can develop our own game engines and try to keep our works compatible on the most posssible platforms, from real hardware to any new and old emulators. Said games are developed using new and same techniques as the original Sonic the Hedgehog games were, such as the same kinds of programming principles, tools and libraries. Additionally we can push things even further thanks to the modern systems and achieve never before seen visual effects with some help from video and 3D animation editors.

    At the moment we are currently developing our first "big & serious" game, a Sonic the Hedgehog fangame for the Super 32x and CD add-on. The idea is to bring the true Sonic 4 to life, at first based on the original plans and assets from Sonic Crackers/Chaotix, but now we're trying our own route, including but not limited to take risks to introduce new gameplay mechanics. The final result should look and play like a brand new and experimental but "official" Sonic game, hopefully achieving a professionally presentable quality.

    Our game is named Sonic V
    It features special emphasis in technical show-off, under the very sci-fi style of 90's arcade games, Amiga demos or even modern japanese games style. We'll attempt to give the player the best and most shocking possible experience, delicately resorting to any sort of audiovisual resources as seen in old and modern media. The ride necessarily needs to get inside the player's mind, so we are going to apply some sentimental techniques, play with the player's (and critic's) expectatives and so on.

    In our public portfolio we have another, award-winning mini-project presented for the Sonic Hacking Contest 2017, that won the 3rd place.
    Its name is Egg Factory ReMastered, and you can download a Sega Genesis/MegaDrive ROM and read description by clicking this Link and old demo of Sonic Virtual Adventure with old concept (and team name) from Sonic Hacking Contest 2016
    Along with that, with our help one of our members also released a personal mini-project, also for the aforementioned 16-bit console, named "Mr Cat's 16 Day Challenge"
    And current project (Sonic V) progress:

    We're searching for:
    - character and enemy sprite artists with the ability to make animations
    - level artists for make backgrounds and foregrounds
    - level designers to make chunks and level-object layout in SonLVL

    If you are interested in participating and have some questions you can write to:
    Disocrd - FoxConED#8188
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  10. Devon

    Devon A̸ ̴S̴ ̵C̵ ̷E̶ ̸N̸ ̴D̶ ̵E̶ ̸D̶ Member

    Aug 26, 2013
    your mom
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  11. MarkeyJester

    MarkeyJester ♡ ! Member

    Jun 27, 2009
    Hello everyone,

    So basically, me and Natsumi have been very busy lately, real life stuff, and a slew of minor other projects and things, so we have very little time to work on S3K Battle Race. We wanted to know if anyone would be interested in joining our little team?

    We are looking for people who can do one or more of the following:
    • Work for a new Level, specifically object/gimmick programming, and layout design, though if anyone is interested in doing some art, that would save me a heap of time.
    • Making some small layout arenas for tag mode levels.
    • Creating/updating Special Stage art (objects/sprites).
    • Creating Special Stage layouts.
    • Some mini game programming.
    • Some programming support for CPU players in battle/tag/team mode.
    Realistically we're looking for people who can cover our lost time, while we can do the above ourselves, our lives are far too busy, it would take way too long.

    Anyone interested?
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  12. Trickster

    Trickster Well-Known Member Member

    Aug 22, 2018
    Brazil Bad Future
    Hey! While my programming skills are abysmal, my creativity and pixel arts are always appreciated by people surround me.

    So, you might be helped with this tecnical part of the project. Have you ever planning to put green spheres, or some pulling mecanics, like Sonic kicking a "purple" sphere to make it one slot away? because I do! :^3

    I can also offer some neat and interesting level design, like what you saw in my canceled 2018 hack.

    Edit: I might help with some pixel art stuff as well.

    Edit 2: I'm also working on another project, but as soon as I finish everything, I'll be fully avaliable!
    Everything is planned to be done in a period of 2 months.

    also, please contact me if I shouldn't post this here or anything. I'm not too used to forums as you guys. ;u;
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  13. Devon

    Devon A̸ ̴S̴ ̵C̵ ̷E̶ ̸N̸ ̴D̶ ̵E̶ ̸D̶ Member

    Aug 26, 2013
    your mom
    I could make time to help out with some object and gimmick programming.
  14. nineko

    nineko I am the Holy Cat Member

    Mar 24, 2008
  15. Dark Lips

    Dark Lips Well-Known Member Member

    Nov 14, 2008
    Wolverhampton UK
    Id be up to help - i have the skills that you taught me MarkeyJester... would be nice to put them to work again!
  16. NyaNyaLily

    NyaNyaLily h Member

    Jun 3, 2017
    Hello fellow SSRG members,

    Some of you may remember Sonic the Hackable from last year's hacking contest.
    I don't know if anyone in here really cares about the project's status, but for the one person that's interested: I'm still working on it!

    The issue that I've run into alot is that I take a lot of time trying to learn things that I'm not particularly good at; mainly music and art. All of those hours spent mostly end up with mediocre results.
    This constant loop of failing and desperately trying to improve is really slowing development down and takes a lot of time and energy.

    So, in order to speed up development, I need your help!

    Alright, what will I be working on?

    The parts that currently need to be worked on, are:
    • Missing animations for Sonic
    • HUD art
    • A few music remixes (Some songs are already partly done and only need new instrumentation)
    If you really want to, you could also do:
    • stage art
    That being said, these two things are more novelty than really necessary.

    Hmmm, so you're telling me that I will be working on your project without anything in return?

    No, of course not. I will try to help you out with your project, if you need it.

    In return I can offer:
    • Your name in the credits (dúh)
    • Beta builds of Sonic the Hackable
    • Level design (I'm pretty good at that, I think)
    • Beta testing
    • Some small programming help
    • Video editing (Trailer, update video, etc.)
    • Creating a logo (high res version; not in-game art)

    Sounds good, how do I apply?

    If you're interested, you can send me a PM on SSRG where you tell me what you are interested in working on and what you want in return. Please include some examples of your previous work. I'll send you a message back when I think you're suited.

    Anyway, that's all. I think that working together could be beneficial for both our projects when help each other out in the areas that we're skilled in (you can still apply if you don't have your own project though (; ).
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  17. Kurk

    Kurk Oh Yeah Member

    Jul 30, 2016
    Hello there SSRG,

    Name's Kurk. Most of y'all know me from the SSRG discord, as I'm usually too afraid to waste my trialist posts here.

    The reason I am posting here is that I have been working on a hack in secrecy for a few months now, and progress is good. However, while I have done most things myself, I have come to realize that I need a team for this project.

    Information about this project:

    This project is a complete overhaul hack of Sonic the Hedgehog 1. It designed to be a direct sequel to Knuckles' Chaotix. There are 8 zones planned, with a Hub World and multiple endings.

    Here is a link to the Design Document for the hack:

    I mainly need:
    • Programmers
    • Level Designers
    • Beta Testers
    Now, I'm not going to post here and ask for help without offering anything in return. That'd be pretty selfish of me.
    In exchange for your services, I can offer:
    • Full credit in the hack for your work (guaranteed)
    • Beta Build of the hack for you to play
    • Custom SMPS Music ( see this for examples of some of my work)
    • SMPS Porting (game to game)
    • Video Editing
    If you are interested, please DM me here or shoot me a DM on discord (Kurk#9962)

    Thank You, and have a nice day!
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  18. Nat The Porcupine

    Nat The Porcupine Point & Click Funny Man Member

    Jun 23, 2017
    Hey folks,

    A few of you have probably seen me around (mostly on the Discord Server), but for those who do not know who I am, I go by Nat The Porcupine. I've been part of this community for a couple of years & I've spent most of that time just hammering away at personal projects and experiments, hoping that at some point I would develop the skills necessary to create the Sonic game that I have dreamt of making since I was a child. Well, today's the day; I'm finally going to take that leap, and I want YOU to come with me. I'm here to officially announce development of...


    What is Sonic Radiance?
    Sonic Radiance is set to be a complete overhaul hack of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 for the Megadrive, featuring a heavily optimized game engine & completely original art, music, levels & plot following the design philosophies of the Classic Sonic Trilogy (& Knuckles) in a way that not only celebrates & pays tribute to them, but further develops and expands them, possibly beyond what SEGA themselves would have been willing to do back in the day. Don't think of it as "Sonic 5" per se; look at it as more or less what I believe a 2D Sonic game should be. I know that sounds a tad pompous on the face of it, but I don't believe in sugar-coating or trying to disguise the fact that this project is very much intended to reflect my personal vision. That said, I am not completely set in my ways about every minute aspect of the game design and understand that it is my responsibility as a project director to listen to and carefully consider feedback, both internal & external, in order for us to build the best game we can. I'm also very aware that this sounds highly ambitious for what is effectively my first public project, but rest assured, this project will not end in cancellation; I'm simply too determined to let that happen. So, if you like the classics, have some talent you want to share & this project sounds interesting to you, I encourage you to take a look at the available positions on the team & reach out.

    Sounds nifty, but why call for help if it's meant to reflect a vision that is so personal to you specifically?

    The reason why I need assistance is simple; big projects require a tremendous amount of time & effort, so trying to do this alone in a timely manner would be nigh impossible. Believe me, I've been trying do as much as I can by myself over the course of the past two months and all it has amounted to was a basic plot premise, a few art assets, a still incomplete piece of music for the first level & few original tweaks to the engine that can't be found in any guide. As such, I had a choice to make: do I scale back my ambitions to a more manageable level so I can continue to work in solitude and run the very likely risk of the result being a generic looking dime-a-dozen ROM hack OR do I relax my grip on the initial vision a little, roll the dice & ask for help in hopes that, together, we may achieve something closer to, if not, better than my original vision? Based on the fact that you're currently reading this novel of a "HELP WANTED" sign, I'm sure you can figure out which way I decided to go. I won't necessarily give up on the project if not many of these rolls end up filled; I'll just have to accept that the project might take the better part of this decade to do.

    Just cut to the chase already; what do you need?
    This is the list of positions & who occupies them. This will be updated any time a team member joins or leaves. If all positions are filled, you can still reach out and we may still be able to add a spot for you, but the chances are a little slimmer. If you want to offer additional help without actually joining the team, you may also reach out. Do also note that most of the actual communication, interaction & discussion between the team will take place on a private Discord Server, so you will need a Discord account for that.

    Project Director - Nat The Porcupine

    Jack of All Trades - Kurk (aka KZG4)
    Jack of All Trades - AkumaYin
    Jack of All Trades - (available)

    Programmer - (available)
    Programmer - (available)

    Artist - Aier
    Artist - (available)
    Artist - (available)

    Musician - SMS Alfredo
    Musician - NadavGames
    Musician - (available)

    Level Designer - Trickster
    Level Designer - maple t

    Beta Tester - Aurora Fields (aka Natsumi)
    Beta Tester - Super Phanto
    Beta Tester - PokeTogeKiss
    Beta Tester - ProjectFM

    Additional Help - (flexible number of spots available)

    Note: Jack of All Trades is simply a position that means you're very flexible and don't have a strong preference about your role with the team. Highly recommended for people with a wide variety of ROM Hacking related skills. Additional help is a less active role for general and occasional help & it allows you to follow development of the ROM hack too.

    If I join or help in any way, do I get anything in return?
    Yes! On top of getting credited if you offer any sort of help, as a member of the team, I can offer my personal assistance to your projects as well. I am very proficient with both 68k & Z80 assembly, so if you need help code-wise, I can likely assist. I'm also somewhat decent at pixel art & great at creating FM instrument patches for the YM2612 (as well as getting better with music overall), so that's another thing I can assist with if you so desire. Lastly, I have the ability to test your projects on hardware to make sure there are absolutely no compatibility issues with your ROM hack on the original console, which I know can be a bit of a rare opportunity these days.

    How can I get in contact with you?
    There are two ways:
    1. Send me a PM on here - It may take a while to for me to respond, but sit tight & I'll see it when I check the forum next.
    2. Send me DM over on Discord - I'm a little reluctant to drop my handle here, but if you go to SSRG Discord Server & look for my username in the members list, I shouldn't be hard to find. This is the quicker option as I spend a lot of time on there and will more than likely get back to you in a timely manner & the general back-&-forth will be quicker too.

    When contacting me, make sure you state what role you are interested in & be prepared to share a bit of your portfolio with me so I can make a decision. Remember, a Discord account is required to join. You can also optionally state your timezone & general availability during the week, as this helps me as a leader to not bother you at an inconvenient time (eg pinging you while you're in class and such).

    Well, I think that's all I have to say for right now. If you've made it this far without just skipping to the bottom of the post, then I want to personally thank you for taking the time to read all/most of this & I look forward to hearing from some of you very soon.
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2020
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  19. DeltaW

    DeltaW The noob next door Member

    Aug 7, 2019
    Hey, there fellow people!

    Some of you may remember my infamous Sonic 1: More Edition ROM hack which was basically spindash, peel out and Sonic 3 music. It didn't go out too well. This time, I'm back for a change. I want to create a Sonic 1 hack that almost doesn't look like Sonic 1 such as new art design, catchy music and interesting gimmicks.

    But I'm not going to do it alone and that is why I need your help.

    The project is called "Project: OPOSO" (Other Part Of South Island). It is supposed to feel like Sonic Mania where everything is revamped to look fresh and to bring Sonic back to fight Eggman on South Island to retrace his nostalgic feet back in 1991.

    What is your reward?
    You will be credited no matter what happens. Your name will be in the credits, ROM's ending credits and on the Youtube Trailer.

    I want it to be done before the SHC 2020 starts, so I can share any virtual trophies towards any of you.

    How to get in touch?
    I'll only accept PM on the SSRG forum. When you write to me to accept you, I would like to see your creation depending on what you want to do, before accepting to a spot, so, please attach your creation via .bin, .smps, Youtube link or ROM hack name.

    I am looking forward to all of you to help as soon as possible to redeem myself after a crappy ROM hack from the past. Enjoy whatever day it is.

    Also for programming, I said Hivebrain only. The reason why is because it will be difficult porting stuff like the spindash to GitHub and animations, etc. If you know how to do it, please let me know.

    Project Director: Me

    Music: (insert name)
    Music: (insert name)
    Music: (insert name)
    Music: (insert name)

    Level designer: (insert name)
    Level designer: (insert name)
    Level designer: (insert name)

    Art designer: (insert name)
    Art designer: (insert name)
    Art designer: (insert name)

    Programmer (Hivebrain 2005 only): (insert name)
    Programmer (Hivebrain 2005 only): (insert name)
    Programmer (Hivebrain 2005 only): (insert name)

    Beta tester: Me
    Beta tester: (insert name)
    Beta tester: (insert name)

    Trailer: Me or if someone else is good at making it

    DEADLINE: July 20th 2020
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  20. StephenUK

    StephenUK Working on a Quackshot disassembly Member

    Aug 5, 2007
    I just want to reiterate one particular point that was made in the opening post in this thread, as it seems to be getting overlooked and I don't want the thread turning into something it shouldn't be.

    While the post by Nat did give some details on what has been done, it could probably have used a few extra details to flesh out exactly what has been done, but given that I know Nat seems to be a capable hacker it's something I can overlook. What I can't and won't overlook though is the above post by MGHacks, which is everything that my original quote says not to do. It's a hack that hasn't had any work done, is nothing more than a basic idea with no real concept fleshed out and that he wants completed within 9 months despite saying he wants a complete overhaul of Sonic 1 on a scale of Sonic Mania. The entire post stinks of "I need a team to do this for me because my last hack was shit". Expecting to go from a shit hack to a hack of the magnitude being proposed in such a short space of time means that the reliance will be heavily on the team around you, and not on yourself.
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